Lucinda Poole receives the 2017 Guiri of the Year Award

This North-American woman was today handed the 14º Premio Guiri del Año (‘Foreigner of the Year’). This annual award has been sponsored by Kukuxumusu ever since 2004 during Sanfermin Fiestas in recognition of the important role played by foreign visitors in the fiestas and who live the Sanfermin fiestas with passion and enthusiasm year after year.

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Tim Pinks, premio Guiri del Año de Sanfermin 2016.

Englishman, Tim Pinks, chosen as Guiri del Año for Sanfermin 2016 by Kukuxumusu

Englishman Tim Pinks will be acknowledged as Foreigner of the Year in Sanfermin 2016 with the award of the XIII Guiri del Año Award, which is bestowed each year during Sanfermin by Kukuxumusu and to a foreigner visitor to Sanfermin fiestas and who stands out for their passion and love of the annual fiestas. In this, the thirteenth edition of the awards, this English columnist and writer will don the mantle conceded by last year’s winner, Frenchman, Jean-Pierre Gonnord.

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Jean-Louis Douenne, Guiri of Sanfermin 2013

The Frenchman, Jean-Louis Douenne, was today given the X Guiri de Sanfermin Award, which is annually bestowed by Kukuxumusu to some long-standing foreign visitor or other who comes to Sanfermin. The firm aims in this way to give recognition to the contribution of the visitors to the fiestas which they live with a passion and intensity every bit as strong as the local people do.

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Catherine Donnel, guiri de Sanfermin 2012.

Catherine Donnell, Guiri of the Year 2012

The North-American who resides in Paris, Catherine Donnell today received the IX Premio Guiri Del Año Award which is handed out each year by Kukuxumusu in recognition of the role that foreigners who live the fiestas with passion and intensity add to the Sanfermin fiestas. The award was handed over at the Europa restaurant coinciding with the celebration of Guiri Day. This special day has been organized by Kukuxumusu for the past 15 years in order to pay homage to all the foreigners who visit Sanfermin.

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Catherine Donnell, acclaimed in Paris by Kukuxumusu as Sanfermin 2012 Guiri Del Año

Catherine Donnell, a 52 year old North-American was born in Santa Fé (New México-USA). In Paris, this past weekend she was awarded the trophy of IX Guiri del Año de Sanfermin 2012 by Koldo Aiestaran, one of the founder-members of Kukuxumusu, in recognition of her unremitting visits to Sanfermin. This award has been handed out each year ever since 2004 by the Pamplona firm in recognition of the contribution made by the foreigners who come to Sanfermin fiestas and who held to make Sanfermin what it is.

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