Elena Sánchez y Javier Solano conducirán la programación especial de RTVE

RTVE presents its Sanfermin programming

Televisión Española  (Spanish State Television) returns to Sanfermin fiestas yet again this year, thanks to the large audience response achieved down the years and to the quality of the spectacle as well as the international response in the transmission of the Running of the Bulls. From the h 6th to the 14th of July there will be special daily programs broadcast. The 2014 Running of the Bulls saw the second highest audience share in the history of the broadcasts (the highest ever figures were achieved in 2010). According to a statement issued by RTVE they had an average of  “1.741.000 viewers and a 73. 6% share between the first channel and their 24 Hour news channel. More than 4,6 million viewers watched at least some part of the running of the bulls broadcasts on TVE.”

Furthermore, Kukuxumusu will once again be responsible for the cartoon figures used to market the Sanfermin programming on TVE and will design the graphic elements to be used in the RTVE special broadcast programs for  Sanfermin both for the Chupinazo opening event and for the daily bullrunnings.

Besides, the quality response shown by RTVE is endorsed by their use of a High Quality Transmission, with 25 different cameras being used for the daily broadcasting of the Running of the Bulls. One of the cameras will have  a zip-line prop to provide a bird’s eye view of the bullrunning. There will be a total professional staff of more than eighty people employed to broadcast the Pamplona Running of the Bulls.

The signal which will be used by the TVE 1, the 24 hours Channel, The  Internacional Channel and the web page rtve.es has been taken up by Esquire Network as the source for its retransmissions for The United States and for all the channels that will use this supplier. The famous Men in Blazers will be the anchormen that present the Running of the Bulls live.

In the press launch this morning both Elena Sánchez and Javier Solano spoke about the work they hope to achieve during Sanfermin. Elena Sánchez wished to emphasize the capacity of the RTVE national channel for its ability to broadcast live events and underlined the fact that there will be five live points that will be active throughout the broadcasting of the Running of the Bulls for RTVE. He went on to say that the Running of the Bulls event is now “more crowded, more difficult to run well, but not necessarily more dangerous”. Here he is:

Programación de Sanfermin RTVE

A historic record of TV share is reached with the bullrunning broadcasts of 2014

The 2014 bullrunnings broadcast by national television, RTVE, turned out to be the second-most watched Running of the Bulls ever recorded, only surpassed by those of 2010, and they set some new historical figures for the small screen. The average figures for the broadcasts from Channel 1 plus Canal 24 horas Channel were 1.741.000 viewers and 73,6% of the share, which works out at 78.000 more people and 2,9 more points than in 2013. The 2014 Runnings of the Bulls were the first ever to be broadcast in high definition and they had some new camera locations such as the zip-line camera above Estafeta set up by the Navarra company, FilmXtreme.

There is still room for growth as far as viewers figures go for The Running of the Bulls because it should be remembered that in 2008, with broadcasts made from two separate channels – RTVE and the CUATRO private channel, each with their own signals, the total viewing figure reached a total of 8, 2 million viewers, a figure which has never been bettered since (2014, 4.651.000 viewers). See article at Sanfermin.com about viewers with both broadcasts.

Viewer’s figures increased this year for both Channel TVE1 as well as for the Canal 24 horas Channel. According to a statement from RTVE, the public TV reached “in Channel 1an average of 1.592.000 viewers (39.000 more than 2013) and 67,2% (1,2 points more),while for the Canal 24 Horas Channel they reached an average of 150.000 viewers (110.000 in 2013) and a 6,3% of share (1,6 points more), thei rbest historic results.”

The most-viewed Running of the bulls was the one broadcast on Tuesday, 8th of July, with the Dolores Aguirre bull-ranch which had 1.975.000 viewers on both Channel l and the 24 Horas Channel. The top share figures were reached on Sunday, 13th of July, with the Adolfo Martín bull-ranch, with 79% of the total share between channel 1 and the 24 Horas channel.

The figures for Navarra are impressive with an average of 139.000 viewers, 12.000 more than in 2013, and a share percentage of 99, 2%. There were some bullrunnings with a 100% of the viewers watching the event, something which does not happen even with the most popular football games.

In addition, the special daily broadcast, ‘Vive San Fermín’, presented by Elena S. Sánchez and Javier Solano, achieved a daily average of 892, 000 viewers and 54, 8% of the share between Channel 1 and Canal 24 Horas Channel. Up to 7. 821, 000 viewers saw some of the San Fermín broadcasts, including the Chupinazo Opening rocket.

As for the Internet web, 1.143, 000 single users made some kind of contact about Sanfermines content at RTVE.es. 27, 7% through the cell phone; 11, 1% through the Tablet; 61, 2% through other applications. The live web reports had 426, 000 single users and the multi-camera – which allowed the user to manipulate the broadcast to his own taste – 212.000.

Leopoldo González-Echenique

El encierro le costó a TVE de 2007 a 2011 unos 600.000 euros al año

The president of RTVE national TV, Leopoldo González-Echenique, appeared before the Parliamentary Mixed Members Control Committee to respond to questions about the bullfighting programs on the state television channel as well as to answer other questions related to national television broadcasting. In answer to a written question presented by Chesús Yuste – from the Left Wing Party, Izquierda Plural- we were able to discover that between 2007 and 2011 RTVE spent an average of 608.533 euros per annum in covering the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls event. This figure is reached by adding a total of 1.670, 665 euros in costs on this event, according to Gonzalez-Echenique spent by RTVE on covering the bullrunnings during San Fermín between the years 2007 – 2011, plus a series of other costs that came to a total of 1.372.000 euros during the same period (total cost: 3. 042, 665) and dividing this figure over a five-year period, results in an average of 608.533 per annum.

Competition, incomes and viewers
Between the period from 2007 to 2009 there was a competitive television scenario with regard to the running of the Bulls, when both the private Channel Four TV and the RTVE national TV competed for viewers as they both broadcast the event. During these years there were some notable technological improvements made by both channels in the quality of the coverage. Among these, might be recalled the mini- cameras on poles used by RTVE on some of the stretches of the course. They also introduced the use of a large crane in Estafeta Street and had HD. The slow-motion camera work was an innovation from Cuatro TV while RTVE was prohibited from filming inside the course with manual mini-cameras. In revealing these figures, Leopoldo González-Echenique failed to provide data on the income accrued from publicity over these years. This data would be interesting to know as the national television was broadcasting TV spots and commercials up to 2010 and it would have been likely that the running of the bulls would have been a lucrative source of advertising income for the RTVE channel given its large share of audience and it would be curious to know what kind of fees were paid for the publicity broadcast during those years.
Another point to underline is that this cost, although it might seem high, is not so very high when we consider the number of viewers that the event attracts. Between 2007 and 2011 RTVE achieved an accumulated audience of 27, 3 million viewers just for the broadcasts on TVE1 (Not counting their 24-hour news channel nor TVE International).
• 2007 4.762.000
• 2008 4.801.000
• 2009 4.944.000
• 2010 6.679.000
• 2011 6.125.000
In addition, in 2010, RTVE surpassed a figure of two million viewers for the first time in its history in one single day. On the 7th of July, 2010 the TVE broadcast on Channel TVE 1 (without any competition from TV Cuatro that year) had a total of 2.175, 000 viewers.

Un senador pregunta al gobierno por el coste de las transmisiones de Sanfermin en TVE en 2012 y 2013

Según hemos sabido a través de la web de la Asociación Parlamentaria en Defensa de los Animales, el senador Jordi Guillot ha realizado una pregunta escrita dirigida al gobierno para saber el “coste anual destinado a RTVE para la retransmisión de los encierros de San Fermín durante 2012 y 2013”. Guillot pertenece a Iniciativa Per Catalunya Verds (ICV) pero se presentó en Barcelona por la formación electoral Entesa Pel Progrés de Catalunya y además forma parte de la Asociación Parlamentaria en Defensa de los Animales.

En su escrito, Guillot ha recordado que “la emisión de contenidos de violencia gratuita, sea hacia personas, o tenga objeto hacia los animales, es un extremo prohibido en la normativa reguladora de contenidos audiovisuales, como la propia Ley General Audiovisual o el propio Código de Autorregulación de la Infancia, suscrito por la corporación RTVE”.

Según comenta la citada web, “para Jordi Guillot, la estrategia de emisión, información y cobertura de los eventos taurinos, como los mismos sanfermines, parecen formar parte de una idea superior de ideologización y uniformización social y moral de la Sociedad española.” Además, apunta que “esta idea muestra de forma equivocada y tergiversada la realidad del entramado taurino, que no es otra que una industria basada en la tortura, matanza y maltrato de un animal, con el único fin de servir como espectáculo”.

Desde APDDA se añaden a esta noticia los datos ofrecidos por la organización animalista “Libera!” según la cual el toro sufre estrés durante el encierro.

Kukuxumusu crea la imagen promocional de Sanfermin para RTVE

As from today, the 18th of June, several cartoon figures created by Kukuxumusu, the company behind Sanfermin.com, will be shown on RTVE as this state television channel begins to promote its Sanfermin programming.

The three short cartoon clips created by Kukuxumusu which will be used by the state television will promote the running of the bulls, the Txupinazo and other events which will be covered by the TV channel and which will be broadcast on Channel 1, Channel 2 International Channel and also at www.rtve.es.

In addition, Kukuxumusu has made a special decorative design for the studio from which the Sanfermin events will be broadcast in Pamplona, and which will be used each morning after the running of the bulls.