Garcigrande bring danger to Estafeta Street

The Garcigrande behave nobly, but in Estafets Street they ran over two runners, who were both gored, one to the leg and the other to the stomach

Photography: Natalie Gómez

The seventh Running of the Bulls was the fastest one of all so far this year at 2 min. 12 sec., with bulls from the Garcigrande bull-ranch featuring in a dangerous and accident-filled running.

The pack ran at a very fast pace up the slope of Santo Domingo all tightly close together but very soon one black bull pulled ahead and led the rest  all the way to the bullring. At the Mercaderes corner, the bulls continued to run at a very fast pace and here some of them slipped up and created some moments of tension at the entrance to Estafeta.

The Estafeta stretch proved to be the most dangerous today, as it was thickly crowded with runners and with the bulls running at such a fast pace, there were many falls and knocks to the ground.

The first medical report confirms that there were at least two gorings, one to the leg of one of the runners at Mercaderes and another runner was gored at the end of Estafeta on the corner of Espoz y Mina. Further injuries are likely to continue to be reported.