Francisco Cano Canito recibiendo el hiomenaje de y Kukuxumusu por sus 100 años

We will miss you, Canito

Canito is going to be missed. Indeed, he had already stopped coming to his annual date with Sanfermin due to his health problems. But up to a couple of years ago he never failed to keep his yearly rendezvous with the fiestas all down the decades. We have a special place in our hearts for him because, in 2010, dedicated its special Sanfermin tee shirt to him with lots of photographers of the Running of the Bulls and with an image as spectacular as it is hair-raising, taken at a Running of the Bulls from the 1950s. Two years later, Kukuxumusu paid homage to this same photographer when Francisco Cano celebrated his hundredth birthday. Since then, there were two occasions when we had to refute news of his death. Unfortunately, this third time it is really true. And we shall certainly miss him a lot. The realization that we will never again see his characteristic white cap protruding over the wooden fence in the bull ring will take some time to assume. And indeed, nor his favorite camera, which had an N painted over so that it read “Cano” instead of Canon.

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