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The data of the bullranches

The bulls that will participate in the Sanfermin 2023 festivities have starred in the last two editions of the festivities and already leave us data that we want to share in case it allows us to obtain any clues that will serve as an advantage for those who decide to accompany the burels through the streets of Pamplona on next years.

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Traveltips to Sanfermin

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What is Sanfermin?

siete personas sentadas tomando café en la terraza dekl café kutz en 1925. Ernest Hemingway es una de ellas

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SF 2023

Hemingway and Sanfermin

Mercaderes Balcony

Estafeta Street Balcony

City Hall Balcony


You have no idea of what the Running of the Bulls is about? Relax; we can fill you in with a short explanation that will bring you fully up to date with the event


The Pamplona Running of the Bulls is the most famous one in the whole world, but before making up your mind to take part in this event, there are 9 things you should know


Running with the Bulls could be fatal. At least 16 have died when taking part in the bull-running event down the years – the last fatality occurred in 2009


The Running can may watched from behind the fencing which lines the course, in the bull-ring or on television live, but the best way of all is from one of the many balconies which line the course