A Dangerous start with the Jandilla bulls

The first Running of the Bulls with the Jandilla bull-ranch finished with 11 serious injuries, three of these from a goring. There were many moments of tension and danger with several vicious charges made by the bulls

The first Running of the Bulls of 2015 with the Jandilla bull-breed was both thrilling and dangerous, with lots of falls, while some of the bulls were charging at the runners. First reports indicate 11 serious injuries – three of these caused by a goring.

All the way up the slope at Santo Domingo the bulls were running at a tremendous pace. One black bull raced ahead of the others and made several dangerous charges at the runners and it was here that the only goring took place. As the bulls raced across the City Hall square and Mercaderes the pack began to loosen and separate, creating two small groups. This allowed the runners to get in close in front of the horns and some fine running was seen, while there was also a sense of perpetual danger as the bulls charged along at a very fast pace.

On the final stretch of the course the bulls slowed down a bit and there was a relative calmness although at theTelefónica stretch there were some runners who experienced moments of high tension and risk. One of them was gored. Once in the arena, the bulls headed quickly towards the safety of the pens and the whole run finished in a time of 2 min.  23 sec.