Danger at the entrance to the bull ring

The fifth running of the bulls of Sanfermin 2007, with bulls from the Jandilla bull-ranch, was run at a fast pace (3 min. 00). There were a couple of moments of real danger; the first, when a brown-colored bull charged a crowd of runners caught on the right side of the entrance to Mercaderes and the second, on the slope leading into the bull ring. Here, a light-colored bull which had got separated in Estafeta Street after tripping up, charged into a group of runners at the right fence leading down into the entrance to the ring. One of the runners fell from the fence and under the bull’s legs. The animal tried to gore the runner but only managed to trample him under its legs. Due to the very fast pace there were a lots of trip-ups and falls, but luckily, it seems that there was only one person injured from a goring.

The Jandilla bulls came out of the pens in a tight bunch tucked in behind the bell-oxen. The covered all of the Santo Domingo stretch without breaking file. There were lots of runners tripping up and falling due to the very fast pace of the pack of animals.

At the beginning of City Hall square, a brown bull raced ahead to its right and it charged into a group of runners caught on the right wall of Mercaderes. It seems that the only goring of the day occurred here.

The pack continued at a fast pace across Mercaderes and only one of the bulls slipped up at the corner.

At the beginning of Estafeta Street a black bull raced in front to lead the pack alongside some of the bell-oxen. The other five bulls continued to run just behind the bell-oxen. Some runners managed to find space to run close to the horns and there was some spectacular running to be seen. However, the bulls were running in such a compact group it was not easy to find space in front of them.
Near the end of Estafeta, some runners tripped up and fell and one runner, very close in front of the horns of the light-colored bull, tripped up and caused the bull to trip over as well. This bull was now separated from the pack and it caused some moments of high anxiety as it entered the slope leading down into the bull ring. It charged against the right fence and knocked a runner to the ground who fell under the body of the bull. It tried to gore the runner, but in the end, it only trampled him before running ahead.

All the bulls entered the bull ring at a great pace; the black bull leading several bell-oxen and three other bulls came behind together, while another was just a little further behind. Finally, the light-colored bull came into the ring. The second-last bull to enter the ring was on the point of causing a fright when he made to charge a fallen runner inside the bull ring, just beside the entrance. Luckily, it was only that, a close fright.