Pamplona Poster Contest

Among these ten works is the work that will lead the Sanfermin 2022 festivities, those of the return after the pandemic. A voting period is open until May 4, for which an exclusive participatory process is enabled for those registered in Pamplona and an exhibition so that the quality of the works can be assessed before making a decision. From we bring you the works so that you can make your decision without having to go there. In addition, we offer you a survey so that you can tell us which one you like the most if you cannot vote even if you are a very San Fermin person.

Choose your favorite poster for the survey

This survey does not decide which work is the best or the worst, but rather the one that those who read like the most. You can vote for up to three works and see the result of all the people who have participated.

¿Qué cartel es tu preferido para Sanfermin 2022?

  • 260 - Por fin de vuelta (19%, 31 Votos)
  • 638 - La fiesta somos todos (14%, 23 Votos)
  • 132 - 1087 (13%, 21 Votos)
  • 27 - Beti bezala (11%, 18 Votos)
  • 469 - Corre San Fermín (10%, 17 Votos)
  • 52 - Emoción (8%, 13 Votos)
  • 500 - Bendice la fiesta (7%, 12 Votos)
  • 103 - Vuelta a la fiesta (7%, 11 Votos)
  • 326 - Preparada (6%, 9 Votos)
  • 167 - (2022) (4%, 7 Votos)

Votantes totales: 133

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CARTEL 1. BETI BEZALA. COMENTARIOS DEL AUTOR "Este cartel esta compuesto por figuras modernistas que representan la multitud de las fiestas de San Fermín, como siempre, beti bezala, se genera una aura de felicidad y harmonía de colores".

The aesthetics of the poster presents a personal “revival” of the posters of the 30s from a very current perspective. It has been selected for being a dynamic poster, with diversity in its participants.
It represents the essence of the party: people having a good time. There is dancing and joy. It is an image of people in movement and festive accompaniment.
They find the color very resounding. It is a good reflection of the power and quality that is currently in the illustration.

«This poster is made up of modernist figures that represent the multitude of the San Fermín festivities, as always, beti bezala, an aura of happiness and harmony of colors is generated».



The poster reflects well a moment of union, a very closed composition, in which the conjunction between the person and the bull is very intense.
The graphic treatment is very interesting. The aesthetic of the poster is reminiscent of avant-garde pictorial movements (cubism, constructivism…) and gives it a sculptural character.
From that style reminiscent of aesthetic avant-garde, he builds a current image. It draws you into the present with the strength of the manual typography and how it’s integrated into the poster.

The fusion between courage, adrenaline, fear and emotion that is felt in each running of the bulls. The danger, the red bull, the movement of the lines every race. A hug to the essence.



It is a very dynamic and friendly poster.
It transmits community, warmth of the company in festive moments.
Idea of ??dynamism.
Message of coexistence, communion, enjoyment, joy, diversity and equality at the same time.
Diversity in the homogeneous.

Dantzas and typical dances of Pamplona/Iruña, an intercultural festival, which involves everyone, without age limits. We want to go back to the usual parties.

POSTER 4. 1087

CARTEL 4. 1087

Technically an elegant, forceful poster. Very significant.
We all find days of suffering and days of confinement in those bars. Reminds the prisoner that he is counting down his days. It also reminds of fencing. It is a very wise poster.
It exquisitely reflects the three years of waiting. The bars are handmade and seek to break the rigidity of the concept. They generate dynamism.
An artistic element becomes a narrative. The narrative character achieved with graphic elements with the magnificent final wink converted into a festive txupinazo.

The poster shows the 1087 days that have elapsed from the last day of San Fermín in 2019 to the first in 2022 and ends with a small txupinazo that culminates the three years of waiting.

POSTER 5. (2022)

CARTEL 5. (2022)

It reflects the parenthesis that we have experienced and how the holidays are going to erase it.
Very symbolic poster. Let’s erase all this past time and give ourselves to the party. Conceptually it is very interesting with a minimalist presentation.
The rubber physically has a reason, but so does the result.
Artistically it is very well resolved.
How with so little can something so round be done.
Very static in appearance, it actually provides the dynamism of a bull run.
Conceptual image on a white background that represents the image of a bull; with an eraser and the parenthesis symbol, alluding to the two-year suspension of the festivities (2020 and 2021).

Conceptual image on a white background that represents the image of a bull; with an eraser and the parenthesis symbol, alluding to the two-year suspension of the festivities (2020 and 2021).



The graphic impact achieved with the use of only 2 or 3 colors is valued positively.
It takes various elements of the party to synthesize everything, homogenizing it with style and color in a varied and dynamic composition.
It challenges the viewer’s intelligence.

Reflection of what was needed and has returned. Minimalist design reflecting important elements. The running of the bulls and the person as an essential component around the party are highlighted.



It offers a very striking image. Queen Braulia humanized and taking a selfie.
She seeks to humanize. Work a different perspective than the usual one of a giant. You don’t have to prepare her, but she prepares herself on her own. It values ??typographic work. Manual typography. The contemporaneity of elements such as color and mobile stands out.
It puts recognizable elements of the party with a very modern language of symbols, colors and languages. Unusual colors that give us a feminist look.
The choice of the giant is important. She is a woman and also racialized.
It is a current gesture (SELFIE) as an idea that it is the only way to attest today that you have been in a place.
The typography gives her a lot of dynamism and it seems that she is dancing. It brings us references to Andy Warhol’s Marilyn and Pop Art.

Braulia is ready to go out dancing. Elements arranged from top to bottom and left to right. Handmade drawing and typography. Bright and neutral colors. Striking image.



I would highlight from the poster that it goes to the most international concept we have of San Fermín: The running of the bulls. The numbers of the year are the bulls and the letters of San Fermín, the runners.
It does so in a fun way, a confinement of fonts in volume with the composition in which the message of San Fermín 2022 is integrated into the illustration itself.
Play with the elements. Create a composition that works and is readable, but at the same time is fun.
It could be a staff, it brings musical reminiscences, rhythm.
It’s funny and naive in a way. It is a poster that has a lot of strength, of significant forcefulness and with very good formalization.

CORRE SAN FERMIN is a recreation of the image of the Encierros carried out by typographic elements. A start over from the illusion and the reunion with normality.



Delicate. Apparently unfinished, as sketched.
Brave in composition and execution.
Of great artistic quality.
Great actuality in the classicism that has the drawing. It is very classic but very modern at the same time.
It provides a great capacity to evoke the light that illuminates a Saint that we recognize immediately despite appearing in that fragmented, sketchy way and without his characteristic attributes of the crozier and mitre.
A very clean work in which the artistic quality stands out within the deliberate simplicity of execution.

The poster extols the figure of the Saint as a light in a void, after two years of absence. The image of him predominates on a neutral background with a slight abstraction of shapes and warm colors.


CARTEL10. La fiesta somos todos

It is a virtuous poster in the handling of infographics.
Beautiful image that evokes those decorative New York plans.
A powerful image in the reality of the urban fabric populated by small elements and festive protagonists. An infographic that talks about people’s experiences and where those “moments” of the party occur. Narrate emotion by putting those red dots scattered around the map.
It provides a brave and very attractive composition, achieved in an image with hardly any color.

A city designed and inspired by and to contain the party. Joy and celebration shape streets full of color and orchestras. It is much more than 1 week a year, a memory of yesteryear.

601 works presented

Pamplona City Council has registered 601 works submitted to the San Fermín 2022 poster contest. This is the second highest participation in the last 20 years, after the 622 in 2004, also doubling the 245 posters submitted for the festivities held in 2019. of the 601 posters, 188 have been sent from Pamplona, ??192 from other towns in Navarra and 206 from Spanish autonomous communities

The 2022 San Fermín Poster Contest will be completely digital and online and the deadline to participate is open until April 1. You can take part in the contest from anywhere in the world using only a digital form at and providing the necessary data in addition to the original as a low-resolution file. This year the prize is 6,000 euros and it is very important, in addition to the classic incorporation of the official texts, to include the coat of arms of the city of Pamplona in the work or to adapt it to the work following the official instructions. You can consult the rules for the Sanfermin 2022 Poster Contest here.

In 2022 it is important to incorporate the official shield of Pamplona to the poster.
You can download it on the contest page or check what essential elements you must incorporate if the shield is adapted to the work.

The texts to include are “San Fermín 2022 Pamplona/Iruña From July 6 to 14/Uztailaren 6tik 14ra”, taking into account that both “Pamplona/Iruña” and “July 6 to 14/Uztailaren 6tik 14ra” can be separated or on different lines.

Phases of the San Fermín poster contest

-Convocation of the contest. Publication of bases and deadlines.
-Presentation of documentation
-Selection of 8 participants in the popular vote
-Discussion in Pamplona because nobody likes the national team
-Popular election and presentation of the winning work

Bases for the 2022 poster


Works that have been selected among the finalists in previous editions of the contest may not participate.


Registration for the San Fermin 2022 Poster Contest will only be done online. Participants must submit their poster proposal and participation data by completing a form provided for it. Works will be sent to the following address: Proposals should be sent to the following web address: On the home page of the website there will be a link with the title San Fermín Poster Contest, which will lead directly to the registration form and where, in addition, the rules can be consulted.

The form may be filled out in three languages: Spanish, Basque and English. In it, all the personal data of the participant will be filled in and it will allow uploading a file with the image of the poster, in JPG format (Measures: 820 x 1171 pixels. Resolution: 72 pixels/inch. Maximum weight: 2 MB).

The poster must be original and unpublished and of free technique. The digital file presented will be considered the final work.

The image must show the poster in 1000 mm x 700 mm format (VERTICAL).

The poster must show the following elements: texts and the coat of arms of the city. The disposition of the same in the work will be free.

  • TEXTS:

The text must be legible, so both its size and the font used must facilitate its correct reading.

The texts to include are the following:

San Fermin
From July 6 to 14 / Uztailaren 6tik 14ra

Both “Pamplona/Iruña” and “From July 6 to 14/Uztailaren 6tik 14ra” can be separated and/or on different lines, as long as this order is respected (Spanish on the left or above) and they are represented in the same size .


The poster must include the coat of arms of the city. This shield can be included as it is used by the Pamplona City Council in its official logo (in its color or monochrome version) without the accompanying legend. If you want to use this existing design, you can download it at the following link.

If, on the other hand, the author of the poster wishes to adapt the design of the shield to the style of his own poster, he may do so freely as long as it is recognizable and identifiable, and all its elements are duly and respectfully represented.

These elements are:

Passing lion (three legs resting on the ground and one of the front legs raised in a forward position) in silver, with red tongue and nails.
On the body of the lion an open royal crown in gold.
Both elements, lion and crown, on dark blue background.
Surrounding both elements as a border, on a red background, the Navarra chains in gold.
On this border, an open royal crown in gold.

The design of the shield can be done in color (with the colors indicated in the description), in white monochrome, black monochrome, or in the shades that are related to the proposed poster, provided that it does not distort or contradict the meaning of the original shield.


Start of the entry procedure.

  • The form will be available on the website by clicking/tapping on the link of the San Fermín Poster Competition “Concurso Cartel de San Fermín”. The rules of the competition will also be available there.
  • The first box allows applicants to choose one of the three languages available to fill in the form: Spanish, Basque or English.
  • The next box is used to indicate if the entry is an individual or a collective work. Subsequent fields vary depending on the type of authorship.
  • Activated boxes (whether mandatory or optional) must be completed in order. Mandatory boxes are marked with an asterisk.


  1. Personal information:
    • Individual: name, surname(s), identification document, telephone and email address (the latter must be entered and confirmed in two separate boxes).
    • Collective: name of organisation, contact person, identification document, telephone and email address (the latter must be entered and confirmed in two separate boxes).
  2. Date and place of birth:
    • Date, Country, Autonomous Community, Province and Locality. (Spain only)
    • Date, Country. (When other than Spain)
  3. Residence:
    • Country, Autonomous Community, Province, Locality, Street, House no., Suite/Flat no. (optional) and postcode. (Spain only)
    • Country and address. (When other than Spain)
  4. Poster information:
    • Slogan of the poster.
    • Description of the poster: theoretical development of the concept underlying the poster and elements of the poster, such as: composition, colours, font types or symbols (maximum of 200 characters).
    • Background: professional biography (maximum of 800 characters).
    • Image of the poster: The entry will include one single file in JPG format, with a maximum file size of 2 MB. The poster must measure 820 x 1171 pixels with a resolution of 72 ppi. The poster must be in vertical orientation and measure 1000 mm high and 700 mm wide.
    • TEXT: “San Fermín 2022; Pamplona/Iruña; 6 al 14 de julio/Uztailaren 6tik 14ra”.
  5. Applicants must click on the statement declaring that he/she is the author of the poster submitted to the competition and that the work is original and unpublished.
    • Submission of the form and confirmation of entry into the competition.
    • The author will submit the form by clicking/tapping on the pertinent button. This does not complete the entry process.
    • The applicant will receive an email message sent to the previously indicated email address containing a summary of the information entered in the form.
    • This mail will request the applicant to take the next step, that is, to VALIDATE AND COMPLETE THE ENTRY.
    • Then, the entrant will receive a second and final email CONFIRMING entry into the competition and stating the SLOGAN of the poster (previously indicated by the entrant), his/her identification document and the REFERENCE NUMBER that will be used throughout the entire competition. This email message will be proof of entry into the competition.
    Non-awarded works may be withdrawn from the municipal offices within a period of two months after the resolution has been published. Once this period has elapsed, the City Council may destroy the works not withdrawn, unless appeals have been filed against the resolution.
  • 6.- JURY
    The Jury, appointed by the Pamplona City Council, will be made up of the following people: – Presidency: Director of the Area of ??Culture and Equality of the Pamplona City Council.

– Members: Six. The plastic arts technician from the Pamplona City Council and five professionals from the field of design, communication or plastic and visual arts.

– Secretary: Public employee of the Department of Culture and Equality of the Pamplona City Council.


The jury will proceed to the selection of 10 finalist posters. The tender numbers of the selected posters will be published on the Pamplona City Council websites ( and on April 12, 2022.

The production of the posters, presented in digital format, will be assumed by the Pamplona City Council. To do this, the finalist authors must provide the file in high resolution (minimum 300 pixels/inch) and, if possible, vectorized.

All participants undertake to make their poster available to the City Council, if required, in sufficient resolution and quality to guarantee its correct production at a size of 1000 x 700 mm in vertical format.

Next, a period of citizen participation will be opened, between April 25 and May 18, in which with the dissemination and exhibition of the 10 finalist posters for at least ten days and through individual voting and by the means authorized by the In effect, the poster with the most votes by the citizens will be the winner of the prize.

Both the citizen participation period and the voting procedure will be announced in due course.

The concession proposal will be submitted by the examining body to the competent body, the Department of Culture and Equality, which will resolve the awarding of the prizes. Any of the prizes of the different modalities may be declared void if, in the opinion of the jury, no work has sufficient merit or quality (…)

The maximum term to resolve and notify the resolution will be six months. The period will be computed from the publication of the extract of the call in the Official Gazette of Navarra. The instructing body will be the Technical Secretary of the Area managing the subsidy (…)

By paying the prize, the Pamplona City Council acquires the winning poster and the award-winning author(s) assign exclusively to the Pamplona City Council all rights to exploit the work for an indefinite period and worldwide, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1993, of April 12, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law.

The City Council will be able to exploit the work by any modality that it deems appropriate and is essential to fulfill the purpose that is intended with the selection of the poster. Among other forms of exploitation, you can reproduce the poster in any type of support, tangible and intangible, as well? how to proceed with its public communication in all the means of dissemination that it deems appropriate, including digital ones. You may authorize third parties to reproduce and distribute the poster, including for commercial purposes.

The adaptations of the winning poster to other municipal dissemination media will be facilitated by the author of the winning poster. The maximum number of adaptations to be made will be eight. The economic endowment of the prize includes the aforementioned works.

With the works participating in the contest, the Pamplona City Council may organize public exhibitions with all or part of the posters selected for this purpose, in the form, spaces and dates to be determined.