The Jandilla caused some scares

The Jandilla bulls featured in a frenetic run where several runners were on the point of suffering gorings. Seven runners required hospital treatment for traumatism

Photography: Javier Martínez

The fifth Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2014 with bulls from the Jandilla ranch was a very clean one. Five of the six bulls stayed together in a compact group from start to finish, and just one got left further back, but none of the bulls caused any gorings.

On the first stretch one of the bulls was shaping up to charge at runners both left and right, but in the end continued to run ahead with the group. The moment of tension happened at the entrance to the bullring when several runners fell and created a small pile-up, but most of them got up quickly while some others allowed the bulls to pass over them, without more ado.

Instead of the spectacular running, there were just few trauma injuries.