A running where you could show off

No gorings and just five runners taken off to hospital suffering from heavy bruising in a fast clean running of the EL Pilar bulls (2min. 22sec.)

Photography: Jokin Lizarraga

A very rapid run was completed by the El Pilar bulls, from the bull-ranch in Salamanca, where the bulls quickly outpaced the bell-oxen half way up the first stretch at Santo Domingo and maintained their rapid pace to the end of the course. These six bulls proved to be very well-behaved and, despite the large number of runners on the course today, they hardly attempted any charges at the runners and simply charged straight ahead. It turned out to be a pretty clean running of the bulls, with hardly any injuries and it none of the runners suffered any injuries from the horns of the bulls.

The pack began to split up almost from the beginning of the run and the all six bulls were soon racing ahead of the bell-oxen. The distance between the bulls also slowly widened across the different stretches of the course. The runners, especially in Mercaderes and Estafeta Street were able to find space in front of the horns to display some spectacular running. However, the speed of the bulls meant that the runners could not remain long in front of the animals.

A brown-colored bull pulled away in Estafeta to be the first to charge into the bullring where it was quickly followed by four of its companions and the rear bull then followed in with the bell-oxen coming closely behind it. The bulls headed straight for the pens. The whole course was covered in just 2min. 22sec.