The Miura scare but don’t hurt

In spite of a frenetic running of the bulls, with lots of trip-ups and falls, moments of danger and knocks, just two runners needed hospital treatment

Photography: Mikel Lasa

A very dangerous running of the bulls, featuring bulls from the Miura bull-ranch. There were some intense moments filled with tension when one of the bulls, a black bull by the name of "Navajito" quickly moved ahead on its own at a very fast pace. This bull charged against several runners along the length of the course, particularly at the Mercaderes stretch and later at the beginning of Estafeta Street and at the Telefónica stretch. In spite of everything, none of the runners were gored by the horns of the bull, and just two of them was taken away to one of the Pamplona hospitals suffering from bruising to his back.

The pack of bulls came out of the pens in a compact group and ran up the first stretch together as far as City Hall square. Here, one of the big black bulls raced ahead of the others and created danger for the packed crowd of runners all along the rest of the course. There were numerous falls and trip-ups and the same bull raced along at a frenetic pace, knocking over runners at several points along the different stretches. Some of the runners managed to maintain the sharp pace of the bull and featured in some fine close running in front of the horns in the Estafeta stretch in today's rapid running of the bulls.

This same black bull entered the bullring alone quite a few seconds before the rest of the pack. It raced around the arena creating tension among the packed runners entering the bullring, but as soon as the other bulls and bell-oxen entered the ring, this bull also quickly followed them into the pens with the aid of the dobladores who directed the bull towards the entrance to the pens. The whole run took just 2min. 27sec.