Even faster

One goring after the El Pilar running of the bulls, which was just two seconds short of being the fastest run ever recorded

Photography: Manuel Jorge Pérez

The bulls from the El Pilar bull-ranch participated in the Pamplona running of the bulls for only the second time ever. It turned out to be the fastest run of this year and the fifth fastest ever recorded and it took only 2:14sec. A brown-colored bull led the field most of the way after overtaking the pack early on. Throughout the whole length of the course there were lots of trip-ups and falls and some runners were knocked down and stepped on by the bulls as they charged along. Just as occurred yesterday, it was very difficult for the runners to get close in front of the horns as the bulls were moving so extremely fast. It seems there was one goring in Estafeta Street and another two runners were also taken away to hospital after today's running of the bulls.

The pack charged out from the pens in a tight compact group and charged up the slope of the Santo Domingo stretch at a very fast pace. Here, one of the two brown-colored bulls moved ahead of the others and lead the pack along almost as far as the end of the Estafeta stretch. The bulls showed a frenetic pace throughout the whole length of the course as occurred yesterday and it was difficult for the runners to find time and space in front of the bulls. However, some fine running could be appreciated at times in almost all the different stretches of the run.

The brown-colored bull that had charged into the lead passed the City Hall stretch at a breathtaking pace and it ran into the Mercaderes corner by the right side, catching many runners by surprise and crashing into the wooden fencing there. Luckily, it got quickly to its feet and continued to run ahead at a very fast pace.

At the start of the Estafeta stretch, several runners fell over together just as the pack was coming close behind, but luckily, none of the bulls made any threat to charge or butt the fallen runners. Some runners were being knocked over by the fast-moving bulls and bell-oxen. In the Estafeta stretch the pack got divided into two groups, with the brown-colored bull still leading ahead but now joined by another black bull and the rest of the bulls continued to run behind the bell-oxen. It was here at the start of Estafeta that one runner was gored in the arm by the leading bull, and this was the only goring that occurred in today's running of the bulls. Near the end of the stretch, the leading brown-colored bull slipped up and the rest of the pack caught up with it and for the animal stayed with the pack for the rest of the run. This meant that now the black bull was running ahead alone and at a very fast pace.

This bull entered the bullring alone and as soon as it touched the arena, the bull fell flat on the ground. It took some seconds for the animal to get back to its feet. Luckily, the rest of the pack now entered the ring too and the black bull joined up with them. That meant that all the bulls headed together for the safety of the pens without creating any resistance. Thus, the fifth fastest running of the bulls ever was completed without more ado.