The Miura trip up in the bull ring

The Miura bulls featured in a clean running of the bulls where they ran in a compact pack, only upset by a short pile-up at the entrance to the arena

The eighth and final Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2016 featured bulls from the Miura bull-ranch.The bulls ran at a very fast race, and this bull-breed showed their traditional attitude of largely ignoring the runners and they made no attempt to charge at the runners. However, some dangerous moments were created, particularly at the entrance to the bull ring when one of the bell-oxen slipped up and some of the bulls got entangled when it fell. Inside the arena a small pile up of runners caused a couple of the bulls to charge into the runners in a violent clash, which caused some consternation but, yet again, the bulls ignored the runners and made no attempt to charge or gore anyone.  The whole run was completed in just 2 min. 20 sec. and seven runners were taken off for hospital treatment for contusion and bruising. 3 runners were also given treatment at the infirmary inside the bull ring.

The bulls came out of the pens in Santo Domingo in a tight pack and raced up the slope at a very fast pace without paying any attention to the large number of runners on the course today. When the bulls arrived at the corner of Estafeta Street, a brown-colored bull charged ahead to lead the rest of the pack up that long street, with two other bulls coming close behind. On this stretch, one of these three leading bulls caught the shirt of a runner and tore it violently, without causing any wound to the runner himself.

On the final stretch leading into the entrance to the bull ring, one of the bell-oxen slipped and fell, striking the leg of a fallen runner but it soon got back on its feet and continued to run ahead. Inside the arena a couple of bulls charged into a small pile-up of runners but did not make any attempt to toss them and these bulls quickly ran on towards the safety of the pens.