The bull ring entrance was pure hell

Photographies: Jorge Nagore

What was being a relaxing and easy going bull running of today, abruptly turned sour just at the very end, when the bulls began to enter the bull ring. Here, in the passageway leading to the arena, the moments of greatest danger and anxiety took place when two runners were seriously gored- one to the neck and another to his armpit.

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Fotos de las cornadas en todos los tramos del segundo encierro de Sanfermin 2016 con Cebada Gago.

Gorings on all the stretches of the course

Photography: Pablo Lasaosa

Rarely have there ever been similar events as those that were produced in today’s second Runnning of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2016. Gorings took place along each stretch of the course, starting at the opening stretch of Santo Domingo and all the way to the bull ring, passing through City Hall square, Mercaderes, Estafeta and the Telefónica stretch.

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All the injured runners have now been discharged from hospital

Some good news with regard to the injured runners from the Sanfermin bullrunnings:  the runner from Valencia who had been recovering in hospital has now been discharged from the Navarra Hospital Complex.

The Valencian, who had suffered a goring from the José Escolar bulls in the Running of the Bulls of the 11th July, when he was gored to his right thigh at the Telefónica stretch, had continued in hospital since then. After spending 16 nights in the Traumatology Unit of the Navarra Hospital Complex, he was finally discharged on the 27th of July.

Solo un corneado permanece ingresado en el hospital

Dos semanas después de finalizar Sanfermin, dos de los tres heridos por asta de toro han sido dados de alta por el CHN: el corneado de Calahorra en el encierro del día 13 de julio con una herida por asta de toro en la región posterior del muslo derecho, y el catalán corneado en el muslo de la pierna derecha el día 11.

Sin embargo, aún continúa ingresado el valenciano herido en el tramo de Telefónica con una cornada en el muslo de la pierna derecha, aunque evoluciona favorablemente en el área de Traumatología del CHN.

Ver el parte de heridos aquí.

Three runners who received a goring continue in hospital

The Runnings of the Bulls are over for another year, but three runners still remain in The Navarra Hospital Complex. Two of them received a goring in the bullrunning of the 11th of July and one other runner who was gored on the 13th. All of these patients are making favorable progress.

The young American runner who received a goring to his right buttock at the Santo Domingo stretch was discharged on Saturday 18th. The runner from Valencia, who suffered a goring to his right thigh and the Catalonian runner who suffered a goring to his left thigh, both at the Telefonica stretch, are kept in the Traumatology Unit of the NHC. All these runners were admitted on the 11th of July.  The runner from The Rioja region who was gored to his right thigh on the 13th at the Mercaderes stretch also continues in hospital.

See de medical report here.

Runners gored in the fifth bullrunning are making favorable progress


The four runners gored by the José Escolar bulls are making favorable progress, although for the moment they will be kept for further observation in the Navarra Hospital Complex.

The 20-year-old American, A.G., with a goring to his right buttock, the 35-year-old Valencian with a goring to his right thigh; the 47-year-old man from Tarragona with a goring to his left thigh are all being kept in the Department of Traumatology, while the 34-year-old from Philadelphia, with a goring to his perineal region, is being kept in the Unit of Colorectal Surgery of the CHN.

Meanwhile, the condition of the three runners who suffering a goring today has been reported. One of the runners suffered a goring to his stomach, another one was gored in his leg and a third runner suffered contusion and bruising to his knee. The runner who suffered contusion and bruising has already been discharged this morning. The two gored runners have been admitted to hospital, to the General Surgery Unit . The runner with a goring to the stomach is not considered to be in a serious condition. The other runner in the Traumatology Unit is being held in preserved condition.

Two runners remain in hospital from yesterday’s first bullrun and today another two have been admitted


The first two Runnings of the Bulls of 2015 have caused three horn jab wounds and several injured runners from bruising and contusion.  Nine of the eleven runners injured yesterday have already been discharged from the Navarra Hospital Complex. Today, one runner was admitted to hospital, suffering from multiple contusions and bruising.

The two American runners admitted yesterday – one 25-year-old who suffered facial bruising and another one aged 38, who suffered a horn jab to his right armpit – have both been kept in hospital for the moment. One runner from today’s bullrun has been admitted after suffering bruising to his ribs and he is being kept under observation and a runner gored in the Bullring, continue in hospital. This second runner suffered two horn jabs to his thigh and he was treated in the infirmary inside the bullring. Later he was taken off to the Pamplona Hospital ComplexWe await further developments on the condition of all these runners.

See the Injuries of these runners

Jason Gilbert Sunrise7 Yahoo!7

Jason Gilbert is recovering from his wounds in Australia

Australian Jason Gilbert is making a slow but favorable recovery at his home in Adelaide from the gorings he was given by the Miura bull, “Olivito” at the final Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2014. We were able to learn all the latest about his condition thanks to an exclusive interview he had with Samantha Armytage and David Koch on their morning TV show, Sunrise 7 from Yahoo!7 Television Channel in Australia. Gilbert stated that while he was taking part in the bullrunning event, he suddenly heard a very loud noise and then everything happened very fast and all he wanted to do was to get off the course and escape. “When the bull gored me the first time, it was a horrible sensation. Everything happened very fast, in four short seconds. And I feel that I was very lucky not to lose my life”, Jason Gilbert stated. He also said that he felt very grateful for the good attention he received both from the local people as well as from the Australian embassy over the three weeks that he spent in hospital in Pamplona. His mother was also present at the interview and she told the viewers about how she suffered during the whole process and how fortunate she feels she is to have her son at home again. To bring the interview to a close, the program’s pet (The Cash Cow) gave him some warm embraces.

Jason Gilbert lives on his father’s farm and the report from Sunrise 7 pointed out that he now looks on the breeding bull that belongs to the farm in a different light. He made it very clear that he will not push his luck by ever trying to run again in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls. Gilbert showed the viewers the different wounds he received from the five gorings that the bull gave him and, at a quick glance, it is obvious that he has made a good recovery over the past month or more since the gorings took place.

On the video at we can appreciate the seriousness of the gorings and how lucky Jason was to escape from a worse fate. You can also see here some spectacular photos taken by Iñaki Vergara, Javier Campos and Juantxo Erce in a sequence of images of the whole incident.

cornada día 14 julio

There are no more injured runners remaining in hospital

J.G., The 26-year-old Australian runner who was gored in the The Miura Running of the Bulls on 14th of July has finally been discharged from the Navarra Public Hospital Complex, according to a press release issued today at 13.00 hours.

The runner had been admitted to hospital suffering from three gorings; one to his left thigh, another to his abdomen and a third to his thorax and he has now been discharged after being hospitalized for the past 18 days. J.G. is the final runner to leave hospital this year from the total of 43 who were admitted for treatment from the 2014 Running of the Bulls.

To see the full sequence of the images of the goring suffered by J.G., click here   .

Mikel Ciáurriz

Bill Hillmann apologizes for blaming two British runners for his goring

On the 9th of July, American-writer Bill Hillmann was gored during the Running of the Bulls with the Victoriano del Río bull-ranch. More particularly, he received the goring from a loose bull by the name of “Brevito” which had been left behind on the course by the rest of the pack. The incident had quite a lot of media impact, not just for being one of just two gorings which took place that day but also because this writer is the author of a book about the Pamplona Running of the Bulls entitled: “How to survive the Pamplona Running of the Bulls”.

Yesterday, Hillmann himself, who regularly writes Facebook posts, wrote about the goring incident of the 9th of July and about the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls in general, and managed to raise some controversy among his followers with his publication. In his article, he blames two British runners, who were wearing similar blue T-shirts, of being the cause of his suffering the goring because they blocked his way and forced him to fall to the ground, at the final stretch leading into the bullring, where he was then gored by the bull. “They got in my way when I was leading the bull towards the entrance to the bullring and one of them pushed me hard so that I fell on my back to the ground”.

One of his readers, however, subsequently accused him of being malicious in his accusation and took a different view of the whole matter. This comment raised a lot of controversy and provoked several different comments from readers and even from Hillmann himself, which only served to stir things up even more.

In view of the growing controversy, the American writer wished to clarify himself by stating that it was not his intention to attack these runners, but simply to point out that they were clearly rookie runners who, on seeing the bull coming up close behind them, panicked and reacted from an instinct of survival. And he went on to say that he did not wish to discuss the incident any further until he felt more objective about the whole issue: “I admit that I went too far in attacking them. I shouldn’t have done it. I am not going to discuss the question any further until I feel more calmed down and objective about the whole thing.”

A few hours later and feeling more objective about the whole thing, Bill Hillmann wrote a new post up and made a clear apology and closed the controversy by stating: “I had earlier written out of anger and indignation. I regret that. I do not blame anybody in any way for what happened to me. During the Running of the Bulls there are always moments of panic and high tension and nobody is to blame for that”.

To learn the full story, you can follow it up at Bill Hillmann’s Facebook.