The fastest running of the bulls

Rugged bull fighting with historic high speed record (2 minutes and 5 seconds) and 5 knoked by the Miura bulls

Photography: Iñaki Vergara

The eighth and final Sanfermin Running of the Bulls, featuring the Miura bull-ranch, got off to a thrilling start and finished with many runners suffering from falls and blows, as these big bulls knocked many runners out of their path along the way.

On the Santo Domingo slope, two steers were leading the pack, with all the bulls tucked neatly behind them. The bulls were already stepping on many runners who had fallen to the ground. The bulls entered the City hall stretch still close together and at the corner of Mercaderes one of the bulls pulled ahead and led the pack all the way up Estafeta Street, where it was soon joined by another bull. Some fine running  was seen here as the runners got close in front of the horns, but by the time they reached the final stretch leading into the bullring, the bulls were running over a lot of runners as it was impossible  to avoid them on both sides, in a very crowded running.

This was the fastest Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2015, lasting just  2 min. 05 sec, and an early medical report only lists five runners being taken off to hospital with cuts.