An Australian gored at the entrance

After yesterday’s dramatic running of the bulls, today, the Miura bulls gore an Australian girl at the entrance leading into the bullring

Photography: Begoña Dang

The Miura bulls brought this year's series of Pamplona bullrunnings to an end with a very fast paced running and with fewer runners than usual, considering that it was a Sunday. Perhaps the gruesome events of yesterday had an influence. The Miura bull-ranch from Seville fulfilled expectations and they ran a typical fast and noble run which lasted just 2 min. and 16 sec.

The running was quite clean and fast, although there were some injuries too, especially the goring at Telefónica on the stretch leading down into the bullring, where a 23-year-old Australian girl was gored in the back. This is only the fourth woman ever to be gored in the long history of the running of the bulls. This goring was the only serious mishap today in a pretty clean running of bulls, especially when compared to the havoc of these two previous days. .

The pack of bulls ran close together over the first half of the course until they Split into two groups at the end of the Mercaderes stretch and this permitted some fine running close the horns to be seen all along Estafeta Street.