All together and straight ahead

A very fast second running of the bulls with three injured -two for bruising and one runner with two slight horn jabs- after the debut of the Del Tajo y de la Reina fighting bulls

Photography: Javier Ibáñez

In this second day of the Sanfermin bullrunnings, the Del Tajo y La Reina bull-ranch made their debut in a fast clean running of the bulls, without any incidents of note. On the first stretch at the slope of Santo Domingo, the bulls stayed together in a tight pack and ran at a very fast pace. On entering the City Hall square, one of the bulls raced ahead, but by the time the bulls reached the corner of Mercaderes all the bulls were once again together in a tight pack.

These Del Tajo y de La Reina bulls, despite the fact that it was their first time ever to appear in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls, let the runners come close to the horns and show some skillful and spectacular running. The whole event took only 2 min. 14sec. and it seems that there was only two injured by trauma, according to the reports of the Complejo Hospitalario of Navarra. At mid-morning the infirmary inside  the bullring stated that a third runner received treatment there for two horn jabs to his leg.