Blue bulls in Estafeta Street

At seven thirty in the evening, three bulls from the Kukuxumusu bull-ranch, the mythical Mister Testis bull-breed, came rushing out from the corner of Mercaderes to run the approx.400 meters that covers the distance all the way to the top of Estafeta Street. They were by no means alone. Indeed, they were surrounded on all sides, front, rear, and on both sides, by a swarm of kids who were hell-bent on imitating just what the adults do when they take part in The Running of the Bulls.

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We have our winner of the #OverselfieSF Competition

In order to celebrate the final calendar step leading to Sanfermin fiestas, and taking advantage of the “Red and White” night organized by the commercial association of the Old Quarter of Pamplona on Friday 5th of June, we brought Mister Testis along with us in order to let the general public try out some selfie shots with him from some new angles and unusual altitudes. The best selfie snapshot would be awarded a T-shirt from the latest Sanfermin collection created by Kukuxumusu.

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The first Kukuxumusu T-shirt for Sanfermin 2015

Today is the 5th of May and there is not long to go for Sanfermin 2015. Our particular way to celebrate this step on the ladder towards Sanfermin fiestas is by giving a foretaste of the forthcoming 2015 Kukuxumusu Collection with this Evolution Running T-shirt. This year sees the 26th anniversary of Kukuxumusu origins and this T-shirt displays the evolution of the drawing of the Kukuxumusu blue bulls from right back in 1989 all the way up to 2015.

Evolution Running can be got in a unisex model at the Kukuxumusu Online Shop. And precisely because today is the 5th of May – a key date in Pamplona for taking another big step on the ladder towards the Sanfermin fiestas – we have put a special discount of 15% which is valid until the 10th of May, as long as you use the SANFERMIN Voucher in the purchase transaction.

The bulls on the T-shirt display the evolution of the Kukuxumusu drawing over the past 26 years of Sanfermin sketching. We move from a blue bull with a heavy outline, with yellow horns and rigid limbs towards a bull that starts to take on some curves and a more expressive face and eyes. The personality of the drawings of the Kukuxumusu blue bull towards the final creation of Mister Testis, where the animal can now walk on two hind legs and take a step out of the world of beasts in order to mix in with the humans, whenever he feels like it.

New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu
New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu
Mr testis

Mr. Testis, doing his thing

Photo: Javier Martínez de La Puente
8th July 2014

Mr. Testis simply cannot be left alone during Sanfermin, because at the very least opportunity he gets himself into a knot, wherever he may be. Be it out on the town at all hours with glass in hand, or be it trotting on the course of the Running of the Bulls or just annoying any poor soul who crosses his path. However, if the truth be told, he is also clearly the number one favorite among the kiddies and among the grandparents.

sanselfie by Carlos Mediavilla


Photo: Carlos Mediavilla
6th July 2014

The trendy selfies featured in a big way this year in Sanfermin. They were to be seen just about everywhere at all hours of the day and night being taken by just about everyone. And if you risk your very life to take one, even better. Here we have proof of that, where the guy wants to get his “selfie” with a sea of people behind him, rather than catch the Txistularis flute-players playing.


Mr. Testis and a horse, protagonists of some of the winning Sanselfies

The Sanselfie competition now has some winners. Rebeca Sánchez Azcona, Carlos Fernández Catalán, Jacobo Silvestre Palomino, Ander Santamaría Lorea, David Medina Lázaro and Javier Fernández Rodríguez are named as the winners for this year. Congratulations to all of them!

We have received all kinds of Sanselfies: the head of a horse, selfies with Mr. Testis with lots of hugging and touching up going on, a cuckold dog, big heads, balcony bulls…but, above all, selfies which reflect a hell of a lot of partying fun.

These have been the best Sanselfies of each week:


Last days of the “Sanselfies” in order to win a T-shirt

Group Selfies, Individual ones, pulling funny faces, touching up the Kukuxumusu blue bull… they all count when it comes to winning a Kukuxumusu “Sanselfie” T-shirt. The trend for taking selfies is just about everywhere, and even more so during Sanfermin, where cell phones, mobiles and cameras have appeared in all sorts of places at all sorts of hours, immortalizing the best moments of the fiestas.

The “Sanselfie” competition was declared open on the 6th of June and it has had quite a good response with more than 50 selfies having been submitted so far. Mr. Testis featured in quite a few of these, and it seems lots of people like to touch the blue bull on its most private parts, as if they were pure gold or maybe for good luck… and of course, he was charmed by it all.

There is only one day left to send in your latest #Sanselfies if you want to try to win a Kukuxumusu Sanselfie T-shirt. What are you waiting for? You can check out all the Sanselfies that have been submitted and the winners of the competition at

Kiddies Running of the Bulls, more massive than ever

This evening at 19:00 p.m. Mr. Testis and his pack of fighting Bulls will once again have the kiddies rolling at the Kiddies Running of the Bulls. The Kukuxumusu Blue Bull will come out of the pen alongside his fighting bullmates at the Kukuxumusu Store at no. 19 Mercaderes Street and they will run as far as the fencing located at their other store at no. 76 Estafeta Street.

Kukuxumusu has been giving the kiddies a chance to learn how to run a bullrunning for some years now as they enjoy themselves running with some big, cuddly, stuffed blue Bulls. There will, of course, be a homily sung to the saint and there will be bull-minders there and a rocket will go off. But above all, there will be lots of mini-runners ready to have a hell of a good time.

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Fotos: Javier Martínez

Hanna Quevedo

Los toros bravos de Mr Testis repiten en el Encierro Infantil

Esta tarde a las 19:00h Mr Testis y sus hermanos vuelven a revolucionar a los más pequeños en el Encierro Infantil. El toro azul de Kukuxumusu, junto a sus hermanos bravos de camada, saldrán desde la tienda de Kukuxumusu en Mercaderes 19, y acabarán el encierro en los corralillos de la tienda de Estafeta 76.

Kukuxumusu lleva varios años ofreciendo a los niños una forma de aprender qué es un encierro y cómo se corre, a la vez que se divierten perseguidos por toros de peluche. Por supuesto, habrá cántico inicial, pastores y cohete, y muchos mini-corredores preparados para pasárselo genial.


Celebra con Mr Testis Sanfermin

Buy your Sanselfie before Sanfermin here

It seemed that it was never going to come, but this Friday, 6th of June, is finally the penultimate step in the stepladder to the fiestas. And although you may not believe it, Mr. Testis, the blue bull from Kukuxumusu is going to be seen this afternoon from 17.00 p.m. at Estafeta Street, no. 76 in Pamplona (probably with a hangover, but still, he’ll be there) in order to celebrate with the public this last step before Sanfermin fiestas take off.

Anyone who wishes can have their photos taken with him or without him. Don’t miss it, especially as Mr. Testis seems particularly docile today and so we can’t miss the opportunity…
The fun-loving bull will be at the Kukuxumusu Store located at Estafeta 76. And, as we are always considerate with our public, you can take the opportunity of taking a #SanSelfie with him and use it to enter our competition. A T-shirt from the latest Sanfermin 2014 Collection will be given away each week until next 25th of July. . Check out the competition rules here.