Five José Escolar bulls and four gorings

Four runners suffered gorings in an event highlighted by one bull as it turned back in Santo Domingo and managed to enter the pens again

Photography: Mikel Lasa

A rather weird and dramatic running of the bulls, with at least 4 runners gored by the horns of the bulls and also rather unique in that one bull after leaving the pens, turned back half-way the Santo Domingo slope, managed to re-enter the pens and in the end, it was taken to the Gas Pens an hour later and from there to the bullring.

The pack had come out of the pens at a fast pace and ran up the Santo Domingo slope, where two bulls and two steers quickly pulled ahead, creating spectacular and dangerous moments. Some of the bulls soon got separated from one another and created some tense moments for the runners as they ran ahead. One bull turned back on the first stretch and ran back into the pens, as the gate had still remained open. After some moments of deliberation, it was decided not to run this bull up the streets using some steers.

The remaining bulls featured in a dangerous running today, with several moments of dangerous situations and there were 4 runners gored, one of them in a serious condition (see medical report). One goring occurred in Santo Domingo, another at the City Hall stretch and two more at the Telefonica stretch.