Bulls in a big hurry

A very fast and clean running from the Victoriano del Río bull-ranch as had been expected. There were only five runners treated for contusions and cuts

Photography: Juantxo Erce

The sixth Running of the Bulls of this year’s Sanfermines featured bulls from the Victoriano del Río bull-ranch and, as had been expected, this bull-breed completed a very fast and clean running. At no time did the bulls attempt to charge or toss the runners and they hardly created any moments of danger where just five runners have been treated for contusion and bruising. They whole run took just 2 min. and 13 sec.

This bull-ranch completed their fastest time ever in this year’s Running of the Bulls. The bulls came out of the pens in a tight pack, tucked behind the bell-oxen. As they raced up the slope of Santo Domingo, the bulls began to overtake the bell-oxen and a brown-colored bull began to take the lead with three other bulls coming close behind. These four bulls were racing along so fast that it made it difficult for the runners to get in close to the horns to show their skill at running the bulls. The runners simply did not have any to think or act in front of the fast bulls. One example of this was clearly seen at the corner of Mercaderes where a young runner failed to look behind as he was about to start his run and he was knocked down to the ground even before he could start his run.

Along the whole stretch of Estafeta Street the six bulls left all of the bell-oxen some distance behind, which is not a very common occurrence in this event, but the pace of the bulls was so fast from start to finish, that the bulls were soon being led off to the pens inside the bull ring without more ado.