Los toros corren a gran velocidad.

How sanfermin.com measures the duration of the running of the bulls

In 2019 a person called us in the middle of a party because it depended on the duration of the confinement that a good amount of money was won in a bookmaker. In the conditions of the contest it was stated that the duration of the confinement published on our website would be taken as a reference. The problem was that the duration of the running of the bulls on TVE and that of sanfermin.com was different. With the duration of TVE that person earned money and with that of sanfermin.com another person earned it.

You will wonder how there can be different durations of the same confinement and that is why we are going to explain it.

Exact duration of lockdown

To begin with, since we regularly calculate the speed of the bulls for the statistics, we take into account the exact time and the correct distance. They are regular variables that must be calculated with the same criteria in order to be able to compare them with each other over time.

1-.Our measurement of the confinement in meters goes from the door of the corral of Santo Domingo, to the door of the bullpens of the square. We do not take into account the interior space of either of the two pens. That distance measured by the center of the street of the entire route and the center of the square, up to the gate of the corrals, is 875 meters. The measurements were made with a wheel odometer calibrated after the renovation of Calle Estafeta and it was revised with the renovation works of the alley.

The distance of the running of the bulls used by sanfermin.com is 875 meters

There are two segments where the bulls run alone, as is the beginning of Santo Domingo and, if there are no legs or reckless people, from the center of the plaza to the entrance to the bullpens. We consider everything lockdown. If a pastor has an incident in the plaza, he is injured in the running of the bulls; If a runner can’t open up in time upon reaching the plaza and keeps running, he’s in lockdown. That is the average that we take into account for speed averages, etc.

2-.And once we have the distance, let’s proceed to calculate the time to establish averages and speeds. We do not take as reference the sound of the starting rocket. Generally we correct one to two seconds, until the first bull’s horn or halter shows through the door of the Santo Domingo corrals. In the same way, we do not take into account the sound of the rocket that warns that the bulls are in the bullring. The running of the bulls does not end for sanfermin.com until the last member of the starting herd (either bull or halter) has entered the corrals. If a bull has to be picked up by the tail halters, that bull will mark the end of the running of the bulls. If one tame is delayed from the initial start, that halter marks the end of the race.

It is for these reasons that the times of the running of the bulls on sanfermin.com generally differ from those on TVE. If we did not do it this way, we would not be able to calculate the average speed of the herds as faithfully as possible.

An example of how it affects the average speed of the lockdown

In the confinement of the bulls of Puerto de San Lorenzo on July 7, 2019, it can be verified that the herd takes four seconds to leave since the clock starts. In addition, at the end of the race, we consider that another second is given away. The official broadcast time is 2.41. For sanfermin.com, it is 2.36, which is the actual time that the bulls were running. With that data, the running of the bulls was completed in 2 minutes and 36 seconds. Which is 156 seconds.

The formula for speed is distance divided by time, which in this case would be V=875 meters/156 seconds. This gives us 5,608 meters per second, which in kilometers per hour is 20.18. If we take the official TVE time as a reference, with five seconds without a race, it is 161 seconds, giving 5.434 meters per second and 19.56 kilometers per hour. We understand that this time is not real because it has five seconds in which the bulls were not on the course, offering incorrect figures to compare with other running of the bulls. We hope that is clear.

Entre estas 10 obras se encuentra el cartel de Sanfermin 2022

Among these ten works is the work that will lead the Sanfermin 2022 festivities, those of the return after the pandemic. A voting period is open until May 4, for which an exclusive participatory process is enabled for those registered in Pamplona and an exhibition so that the quality of the works can be assessed before making a decision. From Sanfermin.com we bring you the works so that you can make your decision without having to go there. In addition, we offer you a survey so that you can tell us which one you like the most if you cannot vote even if you are a very San Fermin person.

Choose your favorite poster for the Sanfermin.com survey

This survey does not decide which work is the best or the worst, but rather the one that those who read sanfermin.com like the most. You can vote for up to three works and see the result of all the people who have participated.

¿Qué cartel es tu preferido para Sanfermin 2022?

  • 260 - Por fin de vuelta (19%, 31 Votos)
  • 638 - La fiesta somos todos (14%, 23 Votos)
  • 132 - 1087 (13%, 21 Votos)
  • 27 - Beti bezala (11%, 18 Votos)
  • 469 - Corre San Fermín (10%, 17 Votos)
  • 52 - Emoción (8%, 13 Votos)
  • 500 - Bendice la fiesta (7%, 12 Votos)
  • 103 - Vuelta a la fiesta (7%, 11 Votos)
  • 326 - Preparada (6%, 9 Votos)
  • 167 - (2022) (4%, 7 Votos)

Votantes totales: 133

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CARTEL 1. BETI BEZALA. COMENTARIOS DEL AUTOR "Este cartel esta compuesto por figuras modernistas que representan la multitud de las fiestas de San Fermín, como siempre, beti bezala, se genera una aura de felicidad y harmonía de colores".

The aesthetics of the poster presents a personal “revival” of the posters of the 30s from a very current perspective. It has been selected for being a dynamic poster, with diversity in its participants.
It represents the essence of the party: people having a good time. There is dancing and joy. It is an image of people in movement and festive accompaniment.
They find the color very resounding. It is a good reflection of the power and quality that is currently in the illustration.

«This poster is made up of modernist figures that represent the multitude of the San Fermín festivities, as always, beti bezala, an aura of happiness and harmony of colors is generated».



The poster reflects well a moment of union, a very closed composition, in which the conjunction between the person and the bull is very intense.
The graphic treatment is very interesting. The aesthetic of the poster is reminiscent of avant-garde pictorial movements (cubism, constructivism…) and gives it a sculptural character.
From that style reminiscent of aesthetic avant-garde, he builds a current image. It draws you into the present with the strength of the manual typography and how it’s integrated into the poster.

The fusion between courage, adrenaline, fear and emotion that is felt in each running of the bulls. The danger, the red bull, the movement of the lines every race. A hug to the essence.



It is a very dynamic and friendly poster.
It transmits community, warmth of the company in festive moments.
Idea of ??dynamism.
Message of coexistence, communion, enjoyment, joy, diversity and equality at the same time.
Diversity in the homogeneous.

Dantzas and typical dances of Pamplona/Iruña, an intercultural festival, which involves everyone, without age limits. We want to go back to the usual parties.

POSTER 4. 1087

CARTEL 4. 1087

Technically an elegant, forceful poster. Very significant.
We all find days of suffering and days of confinement in those bars. Reminds the prisoner that he is counting down his days. It also reminds of fencing. It is a very wise poster.
It exquisitely reflects the three years of waiting. The bars are handmade and seek to break the rigidity of the concept. They generate dynamism.
An artistic element becomes a narrative. The narrative character achieved with graphic elements with the magnificent final wink converted into a festive txupinazo.

The poster shows the 1087 days that have elapsed from the last day of San Fermín in 2019 to the first in 2022 and ends with a small txupinazo that culminates the three years of waiting.

POSTER 5. (2022)

CARTEL 5. (2022)

It reflects the parenthesis that we have experienced and how the holidays are going to erase it.
Very symbolic poster. Let’s erase all this past time and give ourselves to the party. Conceptually it is very interesting with a minimalist presentation.
The rubber physically has a reason, but so does the result.
Artistically it is very well resolved.
How with so little can something so round be done.
Very static in appearance, it actually provides the dynamism of a bull run.
Conceptual image on a white background that represents the image of a bull; with an eraser and the parenthesis symbol, alluding to the two-year suspension of the festivities (2020 and 2021).

Conceptual image on a white background that represents the image of a bull; with an eraser and the parenthesis symbol, alluding to the two-year suspension of the festivities (2020 and 2021).



The graphic impact achieved with the use of only 2 or 3 colors is valued positively.
It takes various elements of the party to synthesize everything, homogenizing it with style and color in a varied and dynamic composition.
It challenges the viewer’s intelligence.

Reflection of what was needed and has returned. Minimalist design reflecting important elements. The running of the bulls and the person as an essential component around the party are highlighted.



It offers a very striking image. Queen Braulia humanized and taking a selfie.
She seeks to humanize. Work a different perspective than the usual one of a giant. You don’t have to prepare her, but she prepares herself on her own. It values ??typographic work. Manual typography. The contemporaneity of elements such as color and mobile stands out.
It puts recognizable elements of the party with a very modern language of symbols, colors and languages. Unusual colors that give us a feminist look.
The choice of the giant is important. She is a woman and also racialized.
It is a current gesture (SELFIE) as an idea that it is the only way to attest today that you have been in a place.
The typography gives her a lot of dynamism and it seems that she is dancing. It brings us references to Andy Warhol’s Marilyn and Pop Art.

Braulia is ready to go out dancing. Elements arranged from top to bottom and left to right. Handmade drawing and typography. Bright and neutral colors. Striking image.



I would highlight from the poster that it goes to the most international concept we have of San Fermín: The running of the bulls. The numbers of the year are the bulls and the letters of San Fermín, the runners.
It does so in a fun way, a confinement of fonts in volume with the composition in which the message of San Fermín 2022 is integrated into the illustration itself.
Play with the elements. Create a composition that works and is readable, but at the same time is fun.
It could be a staff, it brings musical reminiscences, rhythm.
It’s funny and naive in a way. It is a poster that has a lot of strength, of significant forcefulness and with very good formalization.

CORRE SAN FERMIN is a recreation of the image of the Encierros carried out by typographic elements. A start over from the illusion and the reunion with normality.



Delicate. Apparently unfinished, as sketched.
Brave in composition and execution.
Of great artistic quality.
Great actuality in the classicism that has the drawing. It is very classic but very modern at the same time.
It provides a great capacity to evoke the light that illuminates a Saint that we recognize immediately despite appearing in that fragmented, sketchy way and without his characteristic attributes of the crozier and mitre.
A very clean work in which the artistic quality stands out within the deliberate simplicity of execution.

The poster extols the figure of the Saint as a light in a void, after two years of absence. The image of him predominates on a neutral background with a slight abstraction of shapes and warm colors.


CARTEL10. La fiesta somos todos

It is a virtuous poster in the handling of infographics.
Beautiful image that evokes those decorative New York plans.
A powerful image in the reality of the urban fabric populated by small elements and festive protagonists. An infographic that talks about people’s experiences and where those “moments” of the party occur. Narrate emotion by putting those red dots scattered around the map.
It provides a brave and very attractive composition, achieved in an image with hardly any color.

A city designed and inspired by and to contain the party. Joy and celebration shape streets full of color and orchestras. It is much more than 1 week a year, a memory of yesteryear.

601 works presented

Pamplona City Council has registered 601 works submitted to the San Fermín 2022 poster contest. This is the second highest participation in the last 20 years, after the 622 in 2004, also doubling the 245 posters submitted for the festivities held in 2019. of the 601 posters, 188 have been sent from Pamplona, 192 from other towns in Navarra and 206 from Spanish autonomous communities.

Rueda de prensa del cartel de sanfermin 2022
Rueda de prensa del cartel de sanfermin 2022
Captura de la web de Kiliki Club donde se lee el nombre y se puede ver a dos kilikis, Patata y Caravinagre. Es una imagen de las estatuillas de goma que venden por la calle, no de los originales, y se aprecian un poco "raros"

The “Kiliki” NFTs arrive at Sanfermin with the first digital peña in history

The Kiliki are going to be the first San Fermin NFTs in history covered by the Kiliki Club, the first digital San Fermin club ever created. Did you find out something? If not, we try again. The first San Fermín digital peña known as the Kiliki Club has been born. From this platform they will publicize and market NFTs that will be called Kilikis. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a type of unique cryptocurrencies used to represent real physical or digital assets. In the case of Kiliki Club, a series of 10,000 different Kilikis can be purchased, generated algorithmically and hosted on the blockchain. According to the people of Kiliki Club “Each Kiliki NFT is a unique collector’s item that will represent belonging to Kiliki Club.”

The initiative arose on January 1 of this year when Pablo Garbayo, Borja Urteaga, Pablo Régulo and Javier Senosiain meet after the censored New Year’s Eve to have an aperitif and, suddenly, one of them mentions that it is the first day of the staircase of 2022. It is then when one of them occurs to him that it is time to create a community of people, who regardless of the circumstances want to be part of a community that represents those people who identify with the joy of the party more universal (as they tell it on their website). “After a few beers, sangrias, patxaranes and San Fermin songs, Kiliki Club was born, the first `Digital Club’ in the history of the San Fermines”, they say without shame in the official history of their initiative.

Since February 2, registration is open to receive information on NFTs on the Kiliki Club website

They express the intention to create a community and teach everyone how to operate within the world of blockchain

The origin of this initiative is cooked in the middle of the Sanfermin ladder, but its destiny is to reach 10,000 members, as its founders say, “We will ensure that our users obtain their NFTs through training for the community. The collection will be 10,000 NFTs. This means that there will be a maximum of 10,000 members.”

On July 7, 2022, the NFTs will be delivered

When they go on sale, the NFTs can be purchased through the Metamask wallet, which is a payment method for blockchain applications. They are still in the process of selecting the blockchain and encourage expert followers to pass on their suggestions. It is expected that on July 7, the day of San Fermín, the NFTs will be delivered to those who have purchased them. Once the NFTs have been acquired, they can be sold on the secondary market, although their function is to certify the membership of the Peña Digital Kiliki and give the right to decide the NGOs with which the Peña will collaborate, decide on the banner for each year and access events where you can meet other members.

We tell you this because the story is very funny, because we want them to give us an NFT and because this story is very Pamplona. I’m sure it’s going very well.

Un puerta de madera dibujada con el trazo característico de Kukuxumusu con un dintel del piedra y una oared de ladrillos. En la puerta, sobre la ventanuca cerrada, se pueden leer tres sietes.

When the Ministry of Time resurrected Hemingway

The reference in the series El Ministerio del Tiempo to the Sanfermin festivities in 2016 was as curious as it was original. Due to the plot of the series we could see Ernest Hemingway in 1931 , Later, this moment allowed a reference to the series in the animations that Kukuxumusu performs for TVE in Sanfermin . Here’s the full story and in this link you can see all Kukuxumusu animations for the Sanfermin programs on Spanish television.

As explained by TVE in the website of the series “El Ministerio del Tiempo “is a Autonomous and secret governmental institution that depends directly on the Presidency of the Government. Only kings, presidents and an exclusive number of people know about it. The passage to other times is carried out through gates guarded by the Ministry Patrols. Its objective : detect and prevent any intruder from the past from reaching our present -or vice versa- in order to use History for their benefit. For this, the Patrols will have to travel to the past and prevent them from achieving it. They are superheroes, but ordinary people exposed to unusual situations. Julián, a modern-day SAMUR nurse, Amelia Folch, the first female university student in Barcelona in 1880 (an image of modern Spain) and Alonso de Entrerríos, a soldier from the Third of Flanders (example of the value and patriotic sacrifice of our armies). All Spain together for a common goal. His mission: to fight so that the past does not change, which would mean that our present is not what it is. To do this, they will have to fight with merchants and organizations that want to manipulate it for their benefit or that of foreign powers. The Ministry is the last barrier so that, with its greatness and its sorrows, our History is what it is. “

With this excuse they live many adventures and in the chapter “The farewell to Ortigosa”, a group of officials decides to travel to Sanfermin in 1931 for a party. The series picks up the moments in the tunnels after the party and Ernest Hemingway surprisingly slips in a little past laps.

In line with this story, for Sanfermin 2017, Kukuxumusu customized one of the animations for the Sanfermines program of La 1 on RTVE, emulating this turn proposed by the series. In the animation some characters from a different era appear in a confinement by mistake. The door, with the legend 777, guessed the tragedy.


Se puede ver la parte

A Chesterfield campaign looks at the “Chupinazo”

A fan passes us this pack of Chesterfield tobacco bought in a tobacconist this morning in Pamplona. As you can see, it includes an allegorical message to the «Chupinazo» and the promotional message «With CH de Chesterfield». This campaign, which we understand uses words with the letter “CH” in different places, has chosen the word Chupinazo at least for Pamplona. This tribute to Sanfermin Fiesta maintains the corporate colors of this brand, which is the third best-selling in the country.

The word Chupinazo includes the characteristic typeface of the Chesterfield trademark, which is different from the typeface with the same name. The brand is owned by Philip Morris and markets both pack and rolling tobacco under the name “Chesterfield Roll Your Ow”. We do not know if the same campaign has been carried out in the rolling support.

Since 2005, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products are generally prohibited in Spain, but it does not limit the promotion on the pack itself if it includes the mandatory messages.

Imagen de una Cajetilla de tabaco de Chesterfield que incluye la palabra Chupinazo.
Imagen de una Cajetilla de tabaco de Chesterfield que incluye la palabra Chupinazo.
Imagen de los datos obtenidos en el estudio para estudiar las variables de comportamiento que genera el encierro

The US Academy of Sciences publishes a study based on the confinement

“The Sanfermin running of the bulls in Pamplona could help scientists prepare for a catastrophe”, thus concludes a study of the behavior of crowds referred to by this mass media of great global impact on scientific dissemination. To obtain data, they came to Pamplona for the 2019 bull runs and, according to the article, they installed a couple of cameras suspended over the streets of Pamplona to have a bird’s eye view of the event. They recorded two consecutive day runs to capture the speed and direction of each runner, as well as the density of the crowd.

Article in the journal Science that refers to a study that takes as a reference the running of the bulls in Pamplona
Article in the journal Science that refers to a study that takes as a reference the running of the bulls in Pamplona

The study has been published, reviewed, and accepted by the editorial board of the American Academy of Sciences. The authors are:

  • Daniel R. Parisi and Alan G. Sartorio, both from the Center for Physical, Biological and Social Agents of the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Buenos Aires;
  • Joaquín R. Colonnello, from the Department of Computer Engineering of the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires;
  • Luis A. Pugnaloni, from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, National University of La Pampa, National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Santa Rosa, (Argentina);
  • Ángel Garcimartín from the Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Navarra.
  • Iker Zuriguel, from the Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Navarra.

First contradictory and surprising results

The cameras show a group of people jogging slowly, spaced through the streets. When the bulls arrive, a large group of runners speed past the camera, right in front of the animals. People run to the side when the bulls catch up with them. Unexpectedly, the data revealed that the speed of the corridors increased with the density of the crowd, up to a point, which is the opposite of what researchers have typically found when studying the flow of people or traffic: typically, People slow down when crowds are thicker.

And the explanation given by the authors is that the results may be due to the desire of the runners to change speed during different parts of the event. As noted in Science Parisi:

“In a crowded metro station, for example, everyone wants to walk at a normal and constant pace; adding more people only slows everyone down. But in the streets of Pamplona, ??runners wait for the bulls, run for a while as they pass and then come back at a slow speed, creating a wave of density and speed around the animals. “

According to an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, “Once the crowd increased to approximately one or two people per square meter, the maximum speed of the runners decreased dramatically, often because people it started crashing and falling. Once the crowd surpassed two people per square meter, virtually no one was able to sustain speeds greater than a light jog (about 2 meters / second). ” With this data, “Understanding precisely the speed limits imposed by overcrowding could help researchers build better models of pedestrian movement and improve evacuations in the event of fires and other emergencies,” says Parisi.

According to Science magazine in the article, the running of the bulls in Pamplona has been a unique laboratory experiment. Where else can scientists know exactly when and where people will flee for their lives? Now a study of the event reveals exactly how busy a street can get before people start tripping while sprinting at top speed.

Models to help

Based on this data obtained by Parisi and his team, the findings could help researchers model better ways to help people escape building fires and other catastrophes. According to Parisi: “The confinement is real enough to offer a rare insight into how humans behave when trying to escape danger.”

busto de cuatro metros en la plaza del castillo de Pamplona. El busto es de uno de los personajes de la casa de papel con la careta de plástico de Gaudí y capucha roja.

The defense of the Sanfermin festival in “La casa de papel”

The final season of “The paper house” is already succeeding on Netflix and we have waited a few days to tell this and not reveal anything about the plot. We are not going to tell anything that we should not but the defense of the Sanfermin festival that takes place in the protagonist “Pamplona” in these chapters has been very exciting. The actor is Ahikar Azcona, who is from Pamplona, ??and he makes this defense as if he did not need a script. In one of the chapters, a look back in time is made where the moment in which one of the members of the band chooses Pamplona as a name is discovered. At that time, faced with the advice of the other members present to change the name, he points out: “Have you not been to Pamplona? The most brutal festival in the world is celebrated there: Sanfermines. Even the Japanese come to run in front of bulls. Hemingway wrote a novel. He studies at American universities. Do you know what it’s called? It’s called FIESTA. Do you want jarana? Well, you go to the fucking Sanfermines. “

The character of Pamplona, ??as we see, makes a defense of the party very much in line with the character that is very stimulating when the Sanferminero is going for you. The worldwide diffusion of this series makes this reference to Sanfermin as one of the ones that will be seen the most around the world.

Pamplona dawns with a bust of the paper house

La Casa de Papel and Pamplona have several ties. Ahikar Azcona is from Pamplona, ??like Najwa Nimri and producer Álex Pina, although only the former usually lives in Navarra. That is why a few days ago the Vancouver production company carried out a promotional action in the Plaza del Castillo in Pamplona with the appearance of a three meter high allegorical bust. In addition, a few days later a Sanfermin scarf was applied to that bust with the brand of the band’s characters. We do not know if that last action responds to the producer or to a spontaneous one.

Red scarf.
busto de cuatro metros en la plaza del castillo de Pamplona. El busto es de uno de los personajes de la casa de papel con la careta de plástico de Gaudí y capucha roja.
La casa de papel en la plaza del castillo
encierro de Authi, Pamplona 1972 Cuesta de Santo Domingo

The running with the bulls of Authi MG Morris

This unique image corresponds to an advertisement by Authi to promote the models that were assembled in Pamplona until 1972 from its opening in 1969. The photograph is from that year although the factory operated until 1976 and was the germ of the current Volkswagen factory Navarre. In the image we can see the cars that came out of Authi until that year as they were: the Morris 1100 Traveler, Mini 1275 C, Morris 1300, Mini 850 ADO-15, Mini ADO-20 and the Mini 1275 GT.

The photograph is taken with a long exposure time that allowed the runners to be blurred and the cars that were standing still perfectly visible. As we can see, the vehicles are without a driver, since the campaign was intended for the specialized press. The image has been rescued by Ramón Ansoáin. This image corresponds to one of the first events that took advantage of the effect of the confinement for advertising.


Running with the bulls with Authi Cars, Pamplona 1972 Santo Domingo Street.

Update June 2022.

The BMW dealer Lurauto has organized a running of the bulls called “Sanfermini” which has brought together several electric “minis” recreating a complete running of the bulls with this type of car.

La imagen de San Fermín continuará presente junto al banquillo de #Osasuna. Esta vez, en una hornacina inspirada en la situada en la Cuesta de Santo Domingo, aquella a la que los corredores del Encierro piden protección con sus cánticos las mañanas del 7 al 14 de julio.

A San Fermín for the benches of Osasuna in El Sadar

Yesterday we discovered from the social networks of Osasuna and in the El Sadar stadium itself at the time of the match against Elche, that the reds has put a niche with a Sanfermin at the entrance of the changing room tunnel. According to the club, The image of San Fermín will continue to be present next to the #Osasuna bench . This time, in a niche inspired by the one located on the Cuesta de Santo Domingo, the one to which the runners of the Encierro ask for protection with their songs on the mornings of July 7 to 14. “ The relationship between Osasuna and the Sanfermin festivals is close. In 2000 and 2018 two Osasuna players launched the Chupinazo that opens the parties. Ibai Ganuza, A player from the Osasuna team that competes in La Liga Genuine, he was in charge of the 2018 launch and César Palacios, captain of the first team, did the same in 2000.

These additions are not the only ones, as we can see in the Osasuna video, a phrase decorates the exit to the field. It is a sentence of the journalist David Beriain, assassinated in Burkina Faso last April along with Roberto Fraile, and which reads like this: “Here we honor our past.”