2019. July 13. La Palmosilla

This will be the 1st running of the bulls by La Palmosilla

The 181st time that there were no gorings in a running of the bulls. The previous was on 07/12/2019.<br/><br/>The fastest running of the bulls since 07/10/2019.<br/><br/>In their first participation the La Palmosilla have not caused 0 gorings.<br/><br/>The 21st time that there are no gorings in a running of the bulls held on 13th of July.<br/>.

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Mónica Sarasa

Carlos Mediavilla

Javier Ibáñez

Mikel Ciaurriz

Iosu Pezonaga

Mikel Lasa

Miguel Fernandez

Javier Mutilva

Natalia Gómez