Feria del Toro 2016. Maite H Mateo.

The Feria del Toro 2016 Sanfermin Bullfights have named the bull-ranches that will participate this year

The Bullfights Commission from the  Casa de Misericordia de Pamplona organizing entity have released the names of the bull-breeds that will take part in next summer’s Feria del Toro de Sanfermin de 2016. Perhaps the most important aspect to underline is the return once again of the Cebada Gago y Núñez del Cuvillo bull-ranches. And a first-ever appearance will be made by the Pedraza de Yeltes bull-ranch from Salamanca.

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A Farewell ear for Escribano and little else

Manuel Escribano was the only savable part of an uneven, uninspiring afternoon and all the other “uns” that one might imagine. He did some good work with a noble bull that lost its spirit a bit too early, but which at least merited one ear, including his sword work. He went all out with his second bull in search of a shoulder-high exit, but to no avail, as the bull was not up to it.

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Leave the gate open – El Juli is coming

Even if a draught comes in or the cat gets out, the Running of the bulls main gate must be left open, because El Juli never fails, and every time he comes, he is brought out shoulder-high. And well-deserved too. Yesterday – for the tenth time – he did it yet again. He was awarded an ear for each of his two bulls and he deserved it and showed his worth as always. It was not his best ever afternoon in Sanfermin, but it was enough for the middling bulls that he was given.

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One ear awarded to Eugenia de Mora at a boring afternoon of bullfighting

The sixth afternoon of bullfighting of Sanfermin 2015 began well, with the first bull from the Conde de la Maza bull-ranch.  Eugenio de Mora read his options well and in the end, was awarded an ear for his work. This proved to be the only one of the afternoon that the large attendance – about 20,000 – was to see. Although it has to be said that quite a few spectators on the sunny side were not in a condition to see very much in any case.

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Fandiño is gored and Abellán is carried out shoulder-high

There was a bit of everything at the fourth day of the Sanfermin bullfights.  Miguel Abellán got the lucky break of fighting the two best bulls from the Fuente Ymbro bull-ranch. With skill and expertise, the Madrid toreador managed to fight his bulls well enough to be awarded two ears and be carried out shoulder-high through the main gate of the bullring.   The remaining bulls lacked ‘bravura’ and character and indeed, more than one failed to respond to the cape work.

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Good start, poor finish

The third day of bullfighting in the Sanfermin Feria del Toro week, began at a crescendo – two ears with the first two bulls – a bit of a sweetener, but that is how it usually is in Pamplona- only to quickly decline with the next four Victoriano bulls, which made it impossible for the bullfighters to shine or achieve anything in the way of trophies. The two early ears were for Sebastián Castella and Iván Fandiño, who made the most from getting the two best bulls early to win an ear apiece from these first bulls.

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A Somersault and some ringside applause

The second day of the Sanfermin bullfights proved to be neither good nor bad, but rather the opposite. The bulls were acceptable; the bullfighters too. But it was just not good enough to open any gates or to award any ears. The best toreador was Jiménez Fortes, who got a round of applause as he paraded round the arena after his second bull. Earlier he had received a spectacular tossing that made him do a spectacular somersault but without any further consequences. Diego Urdiales (applause and silence) and Morenito de Aranda (silence and silence), just showed some details, especially the second bullfighter.

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José Escolar and the Tajo y la Reina fighting Bulls will be first-timers for Sanfermin 2015

We have just learned the bull-ranches selected for Feria del Toro de 2015 from a press release issued by the Casa de Misericordia organizing entity. Five of the eight bull-ranches from last year will repeat again in 2015: Victoriano Del Río, which won the “Feria del Toro” and “Carriquiri” awards in 2014, as well as the customary Miura, plus the Jandilla, Fuente Ymbro and Garcigrande – Domingo Hernádez bull-ranches. Making their debut in 2015 is the José Escolar Gil, from cattle breeding method Albaserrada, and the bulls from the Tajo y la Reina bull-ranches, owned by maestro José Miguel Arroyo, “Joselito”.

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The Bulls are getting into shape for Sanfermin 2015

Here at Sanfermin.com we will be waiting for the official announcement from the  Casa de Misericordia (organizers of the Sanfermin bull- fighting week) in order to let you all know which bull ranches have been chosen for The Running of the Bulls and the afternoon fights for Sanfermin 2015. At present, we do not have any information about that but it is very likely that they already know most of the bull breeds. And, as the song says (the one sung by Fary in his day), the Bulls will be already getting into shape for the fiesta events. We can use one of the cartoon figures from RTVE national television made for Sanfermin last year where we can see the Bulls smarten up for the fiestas. It’s true that they will lose their lives but they can also achieve eternal glory.