Victoriano bulls left 2 gored runners

A loose bull starring scenes of danger and injures two runners in the strech of Telefónica, one of them the american writer Bill Hillman

Photography: Mikel Ciaurriz

This fifth appearance of the Victoriano del Río Bulls at San Fermin has turned out to be the most dangerous bullrunning of the fiestas so far this year. The bulls were always ready to take on the runners along the whole stretch of the course. The fame of this bull-breed for covering the course in fast times and with the statistical figure of having the fastest average of any of the bull-breeds did not materialize today.

At the first stretch in Santo Domingo two Bulls burst ahead of the rest of the pack and they remained in front for the rest of the run, showing a very fast pace. They ran in a threatening fashion, ready to charge on either side, but in fact, they did not cause any actual danger to the runners, even though it was difficult for the runners to keep up with their pace.

The real danger however, came from a bull which got left behind from the rest of the pack and became disorientated. The bull threatened to turn back several times and it took some time for the runners to convince it to keep moving ahead but it was eventually lead into the bullring quite skillfully by some of the runners. All the bulls went quickly off to the pens without more ado.


One of the gored runners is the american writer Bill Hillmann.