Steamrolling Victoriano Bulls

El sexto encierro se salda con ocho heridos por traumatismo por la violencia con la que corrieron los toros de Victoriano del Río, especialmente en la segunda parte de la carrera

Foto: Pablo Lasaosa

A very fast Running of the Bulls marked by the rapid powerful pace of the Victoriano del Río bulls that steamrolled over everything in front of them as they ran over the whole course in a fairly compact pack. The rapid pace meant that the event finished in just 2 min. 16 sec. and made things difficult for those runners who tried to get close in front of the horns.

The Telefónica stretch proved to be particularly troublesome to the runners as they tried to get close in front of the horns and here several runners were knocked over and received heavy bruising and contusion, but none of them were gored. Early reports from the Navarra Hospital Complex indicate that there are eight runners admitted with contusion and bruising and they are at present being examined and treated to assess the severity of their injuries.

The Victoriano del Rio bulls came out of the pens in Santo Domingo in a tight group and only on the Estafeta and the Telefónica stretches did they begin to steamroll the runners. The bulls knocked over everything in their path as they raced at a very fast pace and particularly in the second half of the course they began to cause injuries to the tossed and falling runners.

One runner was stampeded over on the Estafeta stretch and knocked flat on his face, with the horns grazing him. On the final stretch, on the right side of the fencing, a small pile-up took place where the congested runners threatened to receive some gorings. However, the bulls just continued to charge ahead and largely ignored the runners around them.

Most of the injuries were cause over the second half of the course, with seven injuries on the Telefonica stretch and Estafeta.

There were several moments along the course when the horns of the bulls grazed or touched the runners but the bulls were fully intent on racing straight ahead and they largely ignored the runners and did not make any charges at them.

As they bulls charged down into the entrance to the bullring they formed a close file and they all quickly raced across the arena and went straight into the pens without more ado.