Stuck to the bulls

The Juan Pedro Domecq bulls featured in a frenetic runniing of the bulls, where some good running could be appreciated, without gorings and just six runners removed to hospital

Photography: José Antonio Pérez

A very rapid running of the bulls featuring bulls from the Juan Pedro Domecq bull-ranch from Seville. Two black bulls raced ahead of the rest of the pack almost from the start of the first stretch at the slope of Santo Domingo and they continued to be the principal protagonists of this running of the bulls over the whole course as they set a very fast pace and lead the rest of the pack all the way to the bullring. Due to this frenetic pace set by the bulls, there were several moments of great danger and tension along the different stretches of the course. The runners were overwhelmed by the speed of the bulls, especially at the Mercaderes stretch and again at the Telefónica stretch leading down into the entrance to the bullring. However, the bulls proved to be very well behaved and the runners did not suffer any gorings, although several were knocked down by the bulls.

Two black bulls ran ahead together from the first stretch at the slope of Santo Domingo and lead the rest of the pack at a frenetic pace, making it difficult for the runners to find space in front of the horns to show their skills. One of these two black bulls slipped up at the corner of Mercaderes, but it quickly found its feet again, and continued its run alongside its companion. In Estafeta Street the runners were able to display some fine close running in front of the horns with these two leading bulls, while the other bulls came up behind surrounded by the bell-oxen.

Several runners were knocked over along the different stretches of the course and there were lots of trip-ups and falls. However, no gorings occurred and once in the arena of the bullring, the bulls quickly ran directly towards the safety of the pens. This second-last running of Sanfermin 2012 was completed in just 2min. 23sec.