Injured from rashness

A young Australian, injured in the bullring after slipping up when calling the bull

Photography: Luis Azanza

The fearful Cebada Gago bulls, from Medina Sidonia (Cadiz), featured in this second running of the bulls of Sanfermin 2011. It was a dangerous running, as a brown-colored bull by the name of "Esquillo" became separated when it slipped up on entering Mercaderes and it ran the rest of the course on its own.

The rest of the pack began to loosen up somewhat the bulls entered Estafeta Street and they formed two groups as they raced all the way to the pens inside the bullring without threatening the runners around them.

Perhaps the most dangerous moments occurred at the end of the Santo Domingo stretch and at the bullring. At the end of Santo Domingo a runner was knocked down and trampled by the other animals coming behind and in the bullring a runner called to the rear bull, the brown-colored one and it charged the runner and it may have gored him.

Seven runners were taken away to the Pamplona Hospital Complex for treatment but only two of them was injured by the horns of a bull.