The Fuente Ymbro like rockets

Just one runner slightly injured after a dizzy fifth bullrunning

Photography: Miguel Goñi

The fifth running of the bulls of Sanfermin 2011 featured the Fuente Ymbro bulls from Cadiz. There were noticeably less runners along the course this morning and it turned out to be a very fast clean running.(2min. 33sec.) in which a black-colored bull stood out from the rest of the pack as it raced ahead half-way along the first stretch of Santo Domingo and it continued to run alone racing all the way to the pens inside the bullring like a rocket.

This leading black bull knocked over several runners who found it very difficult to try to stay in front of its horns due to the speed at which it was running. Luckily, this same bull behaved very gallantly and did not attempt to make any charges at the runners.

Throughout the whole length of the course there were a lot of trip-ups and falls but there was also some fine running to be appreciated despite the fact that the bulls did not make it easy to find space in front of their horns.

The rest of the pack stayed in quite a compact group tucked in close to the bell-oxen. Once inside the bullring, the rear bull turned.