Dangerous ending of Adolfo Martín bulls

The Adolfo Martín bulls featured in a pretty quiet bullrunning until the last stretch leading into the bullring, where they charged several runners, although no gorings were made

Photography: Javier Martínez

It has been eleven years since this
bull-ranch last made an appearance in The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.
This morning, this Adolfo Martín bull-breed ran the course without causing much
harm and allowing the runners to get close in front of the horns to display
some fine running.


The Adolfo Martín came out of the pens in a
tight group and were led by the bull-oxen with the bulls tucked in behind, as
far as Mercaderes corner. Entering Estafeta, one of the Bulls now moved ahead
and led the rest of the pack. In this seventh Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin
2014, the greatest danger was found at the final stretch leading into the
bullring, where one bull got left behind from the others and it charged a
runner, although it seems that it did not manage to gore him.


The Bulls entered the arena safely but a
couple of them did not immediately head towards the pens. They seemed to be a
bit disorientated and were trotting around the ring in a threatening manner. 


There were four injured
runners on the course requiring medical attention.