Camiseta de Kukuxumusu CURIOSO, hoy te la enviamos gra

T-shirt homage to “Curioso”, the rebel bull that rebelled against its destiny

There is not long to go now before the start of Sanfermin and we have decided to warm up for the great event with this new T-shirt which serves as a taste of what is to come within a short month or so. At the same time, we wish to pay homage to the bull “Curioso”, the rebel bull that rebelled against its destiny and refused to take part in the Running of the Bulls.


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Asociación Deportiva Caravaca Vera Cruz

A football team from Caravaca do up their kit just like the Sanfermin gear

The  Asociación Deportiva Caravaca Vera Cruz Sports association has a football team which plays in the XIII group of the third division league. Yesterday, they displayed their new team kit for the coming season and it has to be said that the gear could easily serve as authentic dress for the Sanfermin fiestas, without any doubt.

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The first Kukuxumusu T-shirt for Sanfermin 2015

Today is the 5th of May and there is not long to go for Sanfermin 2015. Our particular way to celebrate this step on the ladder towards Sanfermin fiestas is by giving a foretaste of the forthcoming 2015 Kukuxumusu Collection with this Evolution Running T-shirt. This year sees the 26th anniversary of Kukuxumusu origins and this T-shirt displays the evolution of the drawing of the Kukuxumusu blue bulls from right back in 1989 all the way up to 2015.

Evolution Running can be got in a unisex model at the Kukuxumusu Online Shop. And precisely because today is the 5th of May – a key date in Pamplona for taking another big step on the ladder towards the Sanfermin fiestas – we have put a special discount of 15% which is valid until the 10th of May, as long as you use the SANFERMIN Voucher in the purchase transaction.

The bulls on the T-shirt display the evolution of the Kukuxumusu drawing over the past 26 years of Sanfermin sketching. We move from a blue bull with a heavy outline, with yellow horns and rigid limbs towards a bull that starts to take on some curves and a more expressive face and eyes. The personality of the drawings of the Kukuxumusu blue bull towards the final creation of Mister Testis, where the animal can now walk on two hind legs and take a step out of the world of beasts in order to mix in with the humans, whenever he feels like it.

New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu
New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu

Last days of the “Sanselfies” in order to win a T-shirt

Group Selfies, Individual ones, pulling funny faces, touching up the Kukuxumusu blue bull… they all count when it comes to winning a Kukuxumusu “Sanselfie” T-shirt. The trend for taking selfies is just about everywhere, and even more so during Sanfermin, where cell phones, mobiles and cameras have appeared in all sorts of places at all sorts of hours, immortalizing the best moments of the fiestas.

The “Sanselfie” competition was declared open on the 6th of June and it has had quite a good response with more than 50 selfies having been submitted so far. Mr. Testis featured in quite a few of these, and it seems lots of people like to touch the blue bull on its most private parts, as if they were pure gold or maybe for good luck… and of course, he was charmed by it all.

There is only one day left to send in your latest #Sanselfies if you want to try to win a Kukuxumusu Sanselfie T-shirt. What are you waiting for? You can check out all the Sanselfies that have been submitted and the winners of the competition at

Kukuxumusu present the new Sanfermin collection

The Running of the Bulls and the moment when the Bulls pass across Pamplona City Hall square at eight o’clock on the dot is the precise moment captured by Kukuxumusu in its illustration for the Special Sanfermin 2014 T-shirt. The drawing has also taken a telling nod at all the current affairs of the day as it also brings together two of the most emblematic events of the fiestas – the Giants and their Entourage and the Running of the Bulls.
In the drawing there is room to pay homage to Nelson Mandela, to remember the accident-filled opening Txupinazo event of 2013; there is a drawing of a young woman on a swing a la Miley Cyrus as well as a drawing of San Fermín in the company of the new Pope Francis I. “At Kukuxumusu we have always considered ourselves graphic reporters of current affairs even if it done from a largely humorous slant”, points out Mikel Urmeneta, artistic director of the firm and the person responsible for the creativity behind this annual emblematic drawing which is always the most popular drawing to come out of the Kukuxumusu factory each year.

“This year we wished to bring together the two most characteristic events of Sanfermin fiestas: the Running of the Bulls and the Giants and all their Entourage. Thus, we have put the Giants standing watching the Running of the Bulls and the kilikis running in the event”, states Urmeneta. As for the goring in the center of the drawing, it is open to various interpretations, such as “a goring in the heart of a tee shirt or perhaps an ‘I love Sanfermin’ ‘till death us do part”. In short, “a complex drawing in a simple format and, above all, it’s 100% Kukuxumusu”.

Current news also makes its presence on some of the other T- shirt drawings in the varied Sanfermin 2014 Collection. From a kind of self-portrait featuring a bull and several accompanying figures, to the famous selfie style of the Oscars. There is even a bull found sitting on a throne with Crown and all, as if to say, like the popular song goes,” that it continues to be the King.” The Starfetos, those pixel characters that can be found on several of the T shirts, are also a novelty in this latest 2014 T-shirt collection.

The Sanfermin Starfetos

Ya falta Menos para la fiesta y nuevos Starfetos se suman al planeta de la juerga

Ya faltan solo dos meses para que estalle la fiesta y os presentamos cinco miembros más de la familia de Los Starfetos. Estos dibujos son pulgas digitales que se mueven entre pantallas como pez en el agua, aunque el agua la llevan muy mal y prefieren el kalimotxo con electrones. Si te pican te contagian la fiesta y sólo los puedes atrapar en dos dimensiones. Hemos cogido unos cuantos en estas camisetas de Kukuxumusu que te guiarán al planeta de la juerga. Consigue la camiseta con todos los Starfetos a través de la venta exclusiva online HOY por 19,5 euros cada una. Blanca o negra, el yin y el yang de la juerga, a dos meses de que estalle la mayor fiesta del mundo.

Es Antisistema. Al ver una algarada confunde el Encierro con una manifestación antiglobalización. A veces termina a pedradas con los cabestros.

Ciudadano de la fiesta que tiene la mala costumbre de colarse pedo en el Encierro y dar esquinazo a la policía. Un peligro para el resto de corredores, pero él siempre sobrevive.

Yanki fiel seguidor de Hemingway. Vive ‘La Fiesta’ al pie de la letra: corre en Santo Domingo tuneado con faja y periódico, ¡y una gorra! Bebe vino en bota, come churros de la Mañueta y escribe su best seller desde una terraza del café Iruña.

Nacida en Irún, adoptada por la ciudad, mujer de peña, corre el encierro todos los días y luego se convierte en Kiliki. No se pierde ni una tarde de toros al sol ni las actividades culturales de día.

Chica inquieta, discreta, solitaria y muy puesta, viene de la costa. Alguna vez se mete en el encierro por error y cree que está en una estampida de búfalos en África o viendo una película de las Olimpiadas en 3D.

Estos se unen a los primeros miembros de The Starfetos Familiy que son Fermintxo, Jumpix, Runningway, Kointreau y Rebolu. Llegarán más próximamente.

The Sanfermin Starfetos

Descubre el camino al planeta Fiesta con los Starfetos

The Starfetos are digital fleas that move between screens like fish in water. Although they prefer kalimotxo with electons to water any time. If they bite you, they infect you with the fiestas and you can only trap them in two dimensions. We have captured quite a few on these tee shirts and they will lead you straight to the planet of the fiestas.

Get these Kukuxumusu tee shirts only on sale Online for 19,5 euros per item. In Black or White, the yin and the yang of the partying, just three short months before biggest party in the world takes off.


Kukuxumusu propone para su camiseta de Sanfermin 2013 un toro optimista ante la adversidad

A bull which is slipping up on the Mercaderes corner but that still has time to give a friendly wave is the main personality of the Kukuxumusu special tee shirt for Sanfermin 2013. This same drawing has also been used as a graphic image for the RTVE state television channel.  The drawing sends out an optimistic message and has a special appeal in these trying times that we are going through.

“This is a low-angle shot of the Mercaderes corner,a classic sanfermin photo spot, where one of the bulls is slipping up and is losing its posture but before it crashes to the ground it manages to make a friendly wave”, explains Mikel Urmeneta, creative director at Kukuxumusu. The rest of the running of the bulls is going on behind but with an impossible perspective in that we can see such iconic buildings as San Cernin church and City Hall. There are also some cute acknowledgements being made in the drawing to some current social events such as the person in disguise who is slipping an envelope into a “crack” ; San Fermín taking a snapshot of himself with the Ecce Homo de Borja; the Gangnam Style or the stratospheric jump made by Felix Baumgartner.


Kukuxumusu y Miguel Indurain colaboran en el diseño de una camiseta para la salida de la Vuelta


The Kukuxumusu Drawing Factory and Miguel Indurain have come together in order to design a tee shirt for the opening of the Vuelta de España cycling race, which this year starts off in Pamplona. The national cycling race will start next 18th August and the final stretch of the first stage will take place along the course of the running of the bulls.

The drawing shows a rather curious cycling-style “running of the bulls” along Estafeta Street in Pamplona, and through which the cyclists will pass at the start of the race this year. The drawing shows Indurain leading the field of riders dressed with a cycling top with no.1 on it as he competes against a squad of “bull-cyclists” who charge at all the runners who dare to run in front of them.

The Navarra cyclist, who won the Tour five times in a row, and who is also the winner of 2 Giro in Italia, wished to play his part in this Project, giving his opinion about the design of the garment and the creation of the drawing. He also provided the slogan or phrase to accompany the drawing made by Kukuxumusu; “Giving people a thrill is the nicest thing about leading the field”.

The tee shirt comes in a red color and it is now available at all official Kukuxumusu stores in unisex models as well as in ladies and kids sizes, at a price of 19, 50 euro for the adult size and 14 euro for children’s sizes.