Some frights at the Valdefresno premiere

Just two injuries from concussion in another very fast running of the bulls in which the bulls showed their best behavior

Photography: Ignacio Ramón

For the first time the Valdefresno bull-breed featured in the running of the bulls. Perhaps because it was their first time ever, the bulls took some time to realize that the pen gates in the Santo Domingo corral had been opened and that they could run out.


The pack of bulls covered the course mostly staying in a tight formation and they hardly caused any incidents. One bull did quickly run ahead of the others and it was this one which created the most dangerous situations, although it covered most of the course in company with one of the bell-oxen. This bull ran at an extremely fast pace making it difficult for the runners to get close to it. There were no gorings in this first ever running of the bulls from the Valdefresno bull-ranch.



The bulls entered the arena of the bullring in a close group and were quickly led away to the pens. However, one of the bell-oxen turned back as soon as it entered the ring and after attempting to knock down a passing runner it suddenly collapsed and died in the arena. While the running of the bulls seemed the most dangerous so far this year, there were only two injured runners who needed treatment for concussion.