July 7th. La Palmosilla bulls

The running of the bulls that will open the Sanfermin 2023 races will be the third for the La Palmosilla ranch. It is the first time that this ranch has opened the Sanfermin running of the bulls and statistics provide us with information that obliges us to raise the danger forecast for this race: “The running of the bulls held on Fridays are the ones that leave the most gorings (1.24 per bull run). ).” However, the two previous races in Pamplona of these burels prevent us from a fast race without goring.

In his two participations, La Palmosilla has never left gorings. His slowest confinement was last year with 2’22” and in 2019, the fastest, with 2’12”. In ten seconds the times of La Palmosilla in the streets of Pamplona move, placing one of the races among the nine fastest in the modern history of running of the bulls.

The fastest running of the bulls in history

2015-07-14 Martes Miura 2´05″ Seco Soleado
2018-07-14 Sábado Miura 2´09″ Mojado Nublado
2017-07-14 Viernes Miura 2´10″ Seco Nublado
2018-07-10 Martes Fuente Ymbro 2´10″ Seco Soleado
2011-07-13 Miércoles El Pilar 2´11″ Seco Nublado
1998-07-08 Miércoles Conde de la Corte 2´12″ Seco Cubierto
2015-07-13 Lunes Garcigrande 2´12″ Seco Soleado
2019-07-13 Sábado La Palmosilla 2´12″ Seco Soleado
2022-07-14 Jueves Miura 2´12″ Seco Soleado

This image by Unai Eslava of the last running of the bulls of La Palmosilla in La Estafeta gives us a clue of how fast the bulls are and of the incidents they usually lead, which are mainly run overs where the cattle “reach” the bulls and practically, without doing for them, they separate them with the head or the antlers..

Unai Eslava. Sanfermin 2022

This other spectacular image by Javier Ibáñez points in the same direction as the previous one. The fast burels star in this type of incidents where the actions are more for being run over than for attack actions of the bulls.