The Ventorrillo bulls debut with a goring

A 28 y.o. young from Valladolid was gored in Estafeta and six runners more needed hospital treatment.

Photography: José Antonio Pérez

The debut of the EL Ventorrilo bull ranch from Toledo turned out to be a noble and quite calm affair. The bulls ran a very fast pace and hardly threatened to charge the runners around them, even though there were a lot of runners all along the length of the course. The pack of bulls stayed together as far as Estafeta Street where they began to stretch out more and here some fine running was made close to the horns of the bulls. The whole running of the bulls only took 2 min. 41 sec.

The pack of bulls stayed close together and tucked in behind the bell-oxen up the Santo Domingo stretch and into City Hall square. Here one of the bulls almost slipped and several runners were knocked over by the bull but they got quickly to the feet and no further harm came to them as the bulls continued ahead at a fast speed.

The pack of bulls went across Mercaderes without slipping but a small pile-up of runners occurred at the corner of Estafeta on the left side. The bulls passed over them and here two bulls slipped up and got left behind. One runner in the pile-up was tossed by one of the bulls but he got back on his feet without any further harm. It was here that one runner seems to have been jabbed by the horns of one of the bulls.

The pack of bulls stretched out over Estafeta and this allowed the runners to get in front of the horns and show some fine running. The distance between the bulls lengthened along this stretch and the bulls began to enter the bullring one by one. With the help of the “dobladores” the bulls were quickly led away to the bullpens.