Panic with the Miura bulls at the corner

A loose Miura bull at the corner of Mercaderes-Estafeta causes 3 gorings to runners and some dramatic moments in the final Sanfermin 2014 Running of the Bulls

Photography: Javier Campos

The Miura Bulls featured in a tension-filled Running of the Bulls, due to the fact that one of the bulls got left behind and neither the bull-minders nor the runners found it easy to convince the bewildered bull to run ahead towards the bullring.

The Miura bull-breed came out of the pens in a tight formation tucked in behind the leading bell-oxen. They stayed together until they reached the corner of Mercaderes and did not attempt to charge the runners. However, at this corner, one of the bulls slipped up and became separated from the rest of the group, creating some real danger. One young runner was quickly charged and gored by this loose bull and even when the runner tried to escape by heading back towards Mercaderes, the bull chased him and continued to charge and toss him with its horns. The runner is believed to have suffered some serious gorings.

As the rest of the group of bell-oxen and bulls were entering the bullring, this loose bull continued to stay stuck in Estafeta and was showing clear signs of total disorientation, turning continuously. The bull-minders made several attempts to try to move the bull in the direction of the bullring, without much success.