Fiesta sin agresiones sexuales 2016

Fiestas without any sexual harassment

Sanfermin pretende ser una fiesta segura para las mujeres. Es muy importante la convivencia y el respeto entre quienes forman parte de la fiesta para disfrutar lo máximo posible

Sanfermin wants to be a fiesta that is quite safe and comfortable for the fair sex. To ensure that that is the case, there are some campaigns organized to spread information about the need to respect women during fiestas. These messages come from the local authorities, such as the Municipal Women’s Council’s Sanfermines en Igualdad (San Fermin in equality) Group. Kukuxumusu has outlined some short and clear ‘rules’ with seven points to be followed by all those who attend the Sanfermin fiestas.

The Pamplona Peña clubs and some other organizations and institutions also call for proper regard and respect for females during the fiesta events so that the women can fully share in all the fun too.

Since 2012 and 2013, there has been growing debates and controversy to help make people aware of this question of potential abuse, as a result of some images taken from the Txupinazo opening event, which were later used to promote Sanfermin fiestas in different media outlets. This movement aims to make people aware that everyone who forms part of the fiestas should help defend all the other people who are also forming part of the fiestas.

You should know that despite all the excitement and emotion of the Chupinazo opening event, it is not tolerable to strip off, touch up anybody or even pass some indecent comments amid all the partying. This kind of behavior would be unacceptable in any place and at any time, but in the fiesta conditions when communal partying is going on all over the place, it is even more important to show maximum respect to all and especially to the fairer sex.

Some sexual harassment and aggression does go on during Sanfermin fiestas. The ideal figure is zero and that is what all of us must aim for.

Fiestas are there for everyone to enjoy. NOT everything is acceptable in fiestas. The use or abuse of drugs never justifies assault. So, NO means NO in fiestas as well.

The Government of Navarra has a 24-hour service to treat any case of sexual abuse or violent aggression. THE NUMBER TO CALL IS 112 which will get you in touch with the Women’s Legal Aid Service and the Navarra Institute for the Family and Equality. The social services provide a 24 hour service where any ill-treated person can receive advice, information and help.

In cases of sexual aggression they recommend:

1) Going to the nearest hospital to ask for a general medical examination and a gynecology examination by forensic doctors (you should go immediately without changing clothes or washing). Should you decide to go to the police beforehand, they would accompany you to receive hospital treatment.
2) Don’t destroy any possible evidence which could help in a judicial investigation, such as clothes, samples from the place the crime was committed in, on the body of the victim, etc. etc.
3) File a formal complaint at the police station presenting a medical certificate. (Online Form)
4) Request the presence of an on-duty psychologist who will provide comfort and help to elaborate a report which can be handed in along with the medical certificate.
5) Request free legal aid from the Women’s Legal Aid Service

DOWNLOAD FULL GUIDE IN ENGLISH “FOR A FIESTA FREE OF SEXUAL ABUSE HARASSMENT” published by AYUNTAMIENTO DE PAMPLONA and the Municipal Women’s Council’s Sanfermines en Igualdad (San Fermin in equality) Group