Like steamrollers crossing Estafeta

The Dolores Aguirre bulls steamrolled their way through Estafeta, brushing aside all before them. There have been four injuries from slight concussion and bruising. The greatest danger came from one of the bell-oxen when it turned back on the course

Photography: Mikel Lasa

The Dolores Aguirre bulls featured in a very fast running of the bulls (2 min. 27 sec.), with lots of trip-ups and falls, above all in Estafeta, but there have been no gorings or any serious injuries to the runners. The most dangerous moment was caused by one of the bell-oxen which had turned back in the middle of the course.

Today's run by this customary bull-breed in Sanfermin fiestas was the fastest ever made by them. It took only 2 minutes and 27 seconds to cover the whole length of the course and they only caused some minimal mishaps along the way.

The Dolores Aguirre bulls are usually pretty fast in completing the course but they are also among the most dangerous bull-breeds that run in the Sanfermin running of the bulls. Nevertheless, this time the first part of the course was swiftly covered without any notable incidents. On arriving at the corner of the entrance to Estafeta Street they stampeded over several runners who had fallen to the ground, but they did not cause any wounds with their horns.

That was the most dangerous moment from these lightning fast bulls. It seems that only four runners required hospital treatment after the bullrunning. They suffered contusion and bruising but none of them is seriously hurt.