Two runners gored in just two minutes

Two runners gored in a dangerous and rapid run (2 min.16 sec.) by the Victoriano del Rio bulls

On just their second visit to the Pamplona bullrunnings, The Victoriano del Río bull-breed featured in the fastest and most dangerous running of the bulls this year (2 min. 16 sec.). It was a lightning fast run in which the bulls quickly outpaced the bell-oxen and set a high-speed pace, causing lots of falls and trip-ups all along the whole length of the course as well as creating some moments of high tension. One such moment occurred at the Telefónica-Callejón stretches when one of the leading bulls charged at the fencing on the right side where several runners were placed.

From the very beginning the bulls charged out of the pens at a breakneck pace and one of the black-colored bulls darted ahead of the others at City Hall Square and in the Mercaderes stretch this same bull slipped and charged against the heavy fencing, but luckily, the bull got quickly back on its feet and joined together with three other bulls coming up behind and all four entered Estafeta Street at a brisk pace.

These four black-colored bulls ran close together all the way to the bullring as they put the runners under a lot of pressure as they tried to find some space in front of the horns. But the headlong pace of the bulls meant it was difficult for the runners to stay in front for any length of time, although there were some spectacular intense running that could be appreciated on all the stretches of the course.

The pack of bulls entered the bullring in three different groups but they quickly made up one single group as they formed in line behind bell-oxen to enter the pens without making any resistance. The whole run had taken just 2min. 16sec.