A glance of the horn and trampled on

The fourth running of the bulls of Sanfermin 2007 with bulls from the Cebada Gago bull-ranch, has been the fastest and cleanest of all up to the present (2 min. 30 sec). Only four runners needed hospital treatment and none of them from a goring. The bulls behaved very nobly and, although they slipped and fell at Mercaderes corner they did not make any attempts to charge the runners and indeed, all six ran a good part of Estafeta Street in a tight bunch. The runners managed to make some good running in front of the bulls at all the stretches of the course.

Once again the pack came out tucked in close together from the pens at Santo Domingo and they ran up the slope of this stretch at a very fast pace, while some of the habitual runners here managed some nice running close in front of the horns. A black bull on the right side of the pack turned at times towards the runners on its right but it did not make a charge at anyone.

The pack crossed City Hall square at a very fast pace and just at the beginning of the Mercaderes stretch a bull hit a spectator who was leaning on the left wall with his horn and the same fallen runner, along with another runner who had tripped up, were stepped on by the bulls coming behind.

The pack continued to run at a very fast pace and one of the black bulls charged ahead in front of the pack at Mercaderes along with the bell-oxen. While this bull did not slip up, the other five coming behind did and they fell heavily against the fencing and it took some seconds for them to get back on their feet.

In Estafeta Street one black bull continued to lead the others along with the bell-oxen. One of the bulls coming behind knocked over a runner here at the beginning of the stretch. The leading bull slipped up and soon found itself back in a compact group with the rest of the animals and they stayed this way until the end of the stretch.

At the Telefónica stretch, two the bulls taking up the rear slipped up and they remained a little separated from the others. The leading bull entered the bull ring with the bell-oxen and it was quickly followed by three more. Just behind these a few meters back came the fifth bull and finally the one which had slipped up in Telefoníca also entered the ring at a fast pace. The bull minders – or “dobladores” – quickly lead the bulls towards the pens with their capes and there were no real moments of danger inside the bull ring.