Kukuxumusu y Miguel Indurain colaboran en el diseño de una camiseta para la salida de la Vuelta


The Kukuxumusu Drawing Factory and Miguel Indurain have come together in order to design a tee shirt for the opening of the Vuelta de España cycling race, which this year starts off in Pamplona. The national cycling race will start next 18th August and the final stretch of the first stage will take place along the course of the running of the bulls.

The drawing shows a rather curious cycling-style “running of the bulls” along Estafeta Street in Pamplona, and through which the cyclists will pass at the start of the race this year. The drawing shows Indurain leading the field of riders dressed with a cycling top with no.1 on it as he competes against a squad of “bull-cyclists” who charge at all the runners who dare to run in front of them.

The Navarra cyclist, who won the Tour five times in a row, and who is also the winner of 2 Giro in Italia, wished to play his part in this Project, giving his opinion about the design of the garment and the creation of the drawing. He also provided the slogan or phrase to accompany the drawing made by Kukuxumusu; “Giving people a thrill is the nicest thing about leading the field”.

The tee shirt comes in a red color and it is now available at all official Kukuxumusu stores in unisex models as well as in ladies and kids sizes, at a price of 19, 50 euro for the adult size and 14 euro for children’s sizes.