The first Kukuxumusu T-shirt for Sanfermin 2015

Today is the 5th of May and there is not long to go for Sanfermin 2015. Our particular way to celebrate this step on the ladder towards Sanfermin fiestas is by giving a foretaste of the forthcoming 2015 Kukuxumusu Collection with this Evolution Running T-shirt. This year sees the 26th anniversary of Kukuxumusu origins and this T-shirt displays the evolution of the drawing of the Kukuxumusu blue bulls from right back in 1989 all the way up to 2015.

Evolution Running can be got in a unisex model at the Kukuxumusu Online Shop. And precisely because today is the 5th of May – a key date in Pamplona for taking another big step on the ladder towards the Sanfermin fiestas – we have put a special discount of 15% which is valid until the 10th of May, as long as you use the SANFERMIN Voucher in the purchase transaction.

The bulls on the T-shirt display the evolution of the Kukuxumusu drawing over the past 26 years of Sanfermin sketching. We move from a blue bull with a heavy outline, with yellow horns and rigid limbs towards a bull that starts to take on some curves and a more expressive face and eyes. The personality of the drawings of the Kukuxumusu blue bull towards the final creation of Mister Testis, where the animal can now walk on two hind legs and take a step out of the world of beasts in order to mix in with the humans, whenever he feels like it.

New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu
New collection Running of the bulls T-shirt Kukuxumusu