Camiseta homenaje por el 90 cumpleaños de la Plaza de Toros

The drawing shows a large cross-section of the different personalities related to the Bullring and the Bullfights: from the ticket touts to the president; from the infirmary surgeon to the fancy dress “Mayor” on the sunny side of the bullring. According to Mikel Urmeneta, founder-member of Kukuxumusu, “The drawing design aims to be a homage to the Casa de Misericordia Benevolent Society and to the 90 years’ existence of the current Bullring”. This drawing also has a sketch of Paco Cano, a photographer of the running of the bulls who has just turned 100 years of age.

Among other people characterized in the tee shirt drawing, Carlos Gil can also be found “he was an exceptional person who was very much attached to Sanfermin, and who died this past Spring.”

Photos from the 13th of July

“Sanferfin the Last Party”, t-shirt for Sanfermin 2012

In line with a long-established habit of connecting the protagonist drawing for their annual Sanfermin tee shirt with some current topical theme, on this occasion the tee shirt designed by Kukuxumusu displays a parody of the Maya end-of-the-world prophesy and sets the scene right in the heart of the running of the bulls. As Mikel Urmeneta points out, the tee shirt Sanferfin The Last Party “has a laugh at this possibility which some doomsday “experts” have predicted, based on their reading of the Maya calendar system which concludes that the Maya almanac shows that the end of the world will take place in 2012 and consequently this year will see the final Sanfermin fiestas of all time.”

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