Captura de la web de Kiliki Club donde se lee el nombre y se puede ver a dos kilikis, Patata y Caravinagre. Es una imagen de las estatuillas de goma que venden por la calle, no de los originales, y se aprecian un poco "raros"

The “Kiliki” NFTs arrive at Sanfermin with the first digital peña in history

The Kiliki are going to be the first San Fermin NFTs in history covered by the Kiliki Club, the first digital San Fermin club ever created. Did you find out something? If not, we try again. The first San Fermín digital peña known as the Kiliki Club has been born. From this platform they will publicize and market NFTs that will be called Kilikis. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a type of unique cryptocurrencies used to represent real physical or digital assets. In the case of Kiliki Club, a series of 10,000 different Kilikis can be purchased, generated algorithmically and hosted on the blockchain. According to the people of Kiliki Club “Each Kiliki NFT is a unique collector’s item that will represent belonging to Kiliki Club.”

The initiative arose on January 1 of this year when Pablo Garbayo, Borja Urteaga, Pablo Régulo and Javier Senosiain meet after the censored New Year’s Eve to have an aperitif and, suddenly, one of them mentions that it is the first day of the staircase of 2022. It is then when one of them occurs to him that it is time to create a community of people, who regardless of the circumstances want to be part of a community that represents those people who identify with the joy of the party more universal (as they tell it on their website). “After a few beers, sangrias, patxaranes and San Fermin songs, Kiliki Club was born, the first `Digital Club’ in the history of the San Fermines”, they say without shame in the official history of their initiative.

Since February 2, registration is open to receive information on NFTs on the Kiliki Club website

They express the intention to create a community and teach everyone how to operate within the world of blockchain

The origin of this initiative is cooked in the middle of the Sanfermin ladder, but its destiny is to reach 10,000 members, as its founders say, “We will ensure that our users obtain their NFTs through training for the community. The collection will be 10,000 NFTs. This means that there will be a maximum of 10,000 members.”

On July 7, 2022, the NFTs will be delivered

When they go on sale, the NFTs can be purchased through the Metamask wallet, which is a payment method for blockchain applications. They are still in the process of selecting the blockchain and encourage expert followers to pass on their suggestions. It is expected that on July 7, the day of San Fermín, the NFTs will be delivered to those who have purchased them. Once the NFTs have been acquired, they can be sold on the secondary market, although their function is to certify the membership of the Peña Digital Kiliki and give the right to decide the NGOs with which the Peña will collaborate, decide on the banner for each year and access events where you can meet other members.

We tell you this because the story is very funny, because we want them to give us an NFT and because this story is very Pamplona. I’m sure it’s going very well.