Camiseta de Kukuxumusu CURIOSO, hoy te la enviamos gra

T-shirt homage to “Curioso”, the rebel bull that rebelled against its destiny

There is not long to go now before the start of Sanfermin and we have decided to warm up for the great event with this new T-shirt which serves as a taste of what is to come within a short month or so. At the same time, we wish to pay homage to the bull “Curioso”, the rebel bull that rebelled against its destiny and refused to take part in the Running of the Bulls.


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July 9th. José Escolar bulls

The advancement of the line that limits the space of the runners in the running of the bulls in Santo Domingo is triggered precisely by the behavior of this ranch. His animals are very interested in everything and have turned around at the start of the race three times . The most famous case is that of Curioso in 2015 , but in 2016, another of his brothers turned, made the journey alone and seriously gored a neighbor of Cizur in the chest . Again in 2017 another of the bulls was delayed in Santo Domingo and left the two gorings of the bull run of the day. This action of advancing the paint is intended to allow the herd to run more homogeneously or, at least, without a loose bull by noticing the runners as soon as they leave the corrals.As can be seen from the statistics of recent years, without bulls turned and alone, bull runs are less dangerous and moderately fast.

According to the data collected after the passage of this herd through Pamplona, ??Santo Domingo is the section where Jose Escolar has left the most gorings (2 in 5 bull runs) and, therefore, the most dangerous to run with them.

Loose bulls from Escolar, gored. Bulls together, without incident

In their first three races, with loose bulls, the Escolar left eight gorings. Without loose bulls, I run the bulls faster and with less danger. It must be taken into account that the first of his races was contemplated in the time of the herd in the square, since between Curioso returning to the pens and then even the gas, that went on forever. This image of the bull returning to the corralillos from the Santo Domingo corral is historical because it had not been recorded in the modern era of the running of the bulls.

School numbers in Sanfermin

According to the data from the Bullrunning Analytics tool , on July 9th he will join the bulls from Escolar in Pamplona because it will be his sixth race and half of them will have been run on July 9th . Only one fact surpasses this figure and that is that four of the six races have been run on Saturday. It is the fourth herd that has run the most on Saturday. Keep in mind that Saturdays are the running of the bulls in which more injuries are recorded, both due to trauma and other circumstances.

The fifth school running of the bulls in 2019 was the 11th fastest running of the bulls in Sanfermin. The 1st is that of 07/14/2015 (2’05»).
School’s last running of the bulls was the 30th running of the bulls held with a wet floor due to rain. The previous one was on 07/14/2018.
It was the 2nd fastest running of the bulls on wet ground due to rain. The Escolar are the second fastest in the wet after Miura.
In 5 participations, Jose Escolar has left 8 gored (1.6 due to running of the bulls).
Jose Escolar is the 9th herd that has left the most gorings (8 in total).
Jose Escolar is the 9th herd with the highest goring average (1.6 per running of the bulls).
In 5 participations it is the 2nd time that Jose Escolar has not been gored.
Of the 5 runs of the bulls held by Jose Escolar in Sanfermín, this has been the 1st with the shortest duration (2’13»)
and the 4th fastest running of the bulls held on a Tuesday.

High goring rate and just as fast in the wet

They are two data that are opposed. The index of gorings per confinement of the bulls of José Escolar is 1.6. This number exceeds the average and scares and therefore we raise the expected danger of this running of the bulls. In addition, they are the second fastest herd in the wet, although as we have told you on many occasions, the data tells us that the runs of the bulls in the Wet are less dangerous .

Right now the top ten fastest wet runs are headed by Miura, who in 2018 marked one of the fastest runs in history despite the wet floor. The Escolar are not far behind, only four seconds behind , followed by the Victoriano del Río. If it rains, do not trust that they run just as fast. Others of the Escuela races, the one in 2018, also on wet ground, is the ninth fastest race on wet ground.

Date Cattle raising Duration Wounded up trauma Catered Flat
07/14/2018 Miura 2.09 7 36 Wet
07/09/2019 Joseph School 2.13 two two Wet
07/12/2018 Victorian River 2.16 two 74 Wet
07/11/2004 Miura 2.23 1 two 25 Wet
07/07/2016 Ymbro Fountain 2.28 5 5 Wet
07/13/2016 Nunez del Cuvillo 2.32 1 6 6 Wet
07/07/2004 torrestar 2.40 8 35 Wet
07/07/2018 Port San Lorenzo 2.40 1 4 5 Wet
07/08/2018 Joseph School 2.42 3 5 Wet
07/14/2002 Miura 2.50 5 27 Wet

The running of the bulls by José Escolar on his way through Pamplona.

07/11/2015 Joseph School 2.44 4 5 5 Dry
07/09/2016 Joseph School 4.01 two eleven eleven Dry
07/08/2017 Joseph School 4.03 two 10 10 Dry
07/08/2018 Joseph School 2.42 3 5 Wet
07/09/2019 Joseph School 2.13 two two Wet

Imagen de una escea de la película Shi tu xing zh

La película china “Shi tu xing zhe” se apunta a Sanfermin

El rodaje de la segunda entrega de esta película china se rueda en la ciudad de Tafalla recreando una persecución en pleno encierro de Sanfermin.

Si te digo “Shi tu xing zhe” igual te dejo frío porque no la has visto y si te lo digo en inglés “Line Walker”, a no ser que tengas Netflix y algo de suerte, te quedas igual. Sin embargo en China y Asia es el nombre de una serie y posterior película muy conocida, tanto, que están rodando la segunda parte. Y la segunda entrega de esta película se rueda en parte en Tafalla (Navarra) simulando las calles de Pamplona por Sanfermin, como puedes ver en este video.

Una vez más las referencias mundiales de valor y riesgo acaban confluyendo en el encierro de Sanfermin. Tenemos numerosos ejemplos y esta producción china se suma a la larga lista de filmes que pretenden trasladar a sus proyectos los valores de riesgo y valor que supone correr o participar en un encierro.

Te contamos algunas películas con el encierro de Sanfermin que nos gustan

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3 Running of the Bulls, 3 loose Escolar bulls

The José Escolar fighting bulls are clearly rebels by nature. One year could be considered just a coincidence, even two could be pure chance, but three times in a row seems too much…his bull-ranch has taken part in just three Running of the Bulls and in all three one of these, the Escolar bulls have featured in a hair-raising quirk that begs for a logical explanation. Today, in this second Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2017, yet again it has taken place.

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2019 July 7. Puerto de San Lorenzo ranches

The Bulls of El Puerto de San Lorenzo premiered Sanfermin 2019. The July 7 confinement began with a quick time and three rounds, a very strong first course to release the race. The pack was very fast, with a bull bull and three halters opening the pack, and with the rhythm they left several brothers alone behind. There were several abuses with unconscious runners in the course. The section of Telefónica and the alley were the most dangerous, especially for a lot that the halters had to face and a loose bull that gave scares and horns.

One of the horns of the day, with impressive images, is the terrifying scene starring one of El Puerto’s bulls occurred in the Alley. In the images of Carlos Mediavilla we see how the bull starts at the entrance to the bullring and does not give time to two young men to avoid catching. The fact of having two companions on the ground did not favor the options of escaping from the young men involved. The bull has dragged them on the horns a few meters to the wall (the alley is about ten meters and we calculate that it drags 3)

Herd stretched

The pack began stretched and beautiful. As we see in the images of Santo Domingo and the City Council of Natalia Gómez, Mikel Lasa and Miguel Fernández.

Danger in the alley

Another of the most dangerous scenes of the return of the enclosures in 2019 was starred by the same animal a few meters before. He defeated violently just before entering the square rising almost a meter above the usual height. The height of the defeat of the animal and the obvious danger of this situation are surprising. José Espartosa and Javier Ibáñez collected the sequence from two different angles. It is surprising how it moves the hindquarters to turn quickly, demonstrating the ability of a bull to move skillfully in any field and raising the value of those who pull it to introduce it into the square.

It was curious in the first confinement of 2019 to see two runners fainted at the mercy of the pack after the passage of the first halters. It is not a frequent image in Sanfermin and as we could tell later it was due to the great speed of the head of the pack. In the image of Iosu Pezonaga we see a faded participant at the mercy of a pair of bulls.

The second case that caught our attention is this second young man who disappeared in the middle of the alley and the whole pack and a half confinement passed over him. They are hard images because the runner is exposed and in a very complicated situation to be helped.

When you think the bell-oxen are puppets… And it’s not like that.

One of the unusual images of July 7 was a stacking that occurred after the passage of the last bull and the arrival of the first of the tame ones. People were doing their thing, celebrating, without attending. And then the meteor arrived and almost carried three young men, two runners and a group of people. From the jump to overcome the first three runners, José Espartosa had to move the camera away and the scare was tremendous. Some of the results involved were injured by the blow, but slightly. Good advice for upcoming confinement: everything is bull until the tail.

Bulls on the floor

The physical condition of the fighting bull could not be expected to be fully perfect and today one of its “weak” points was clearly shown in this morning’s bullrun: when it falls on its side, it has real difficulty in getting back on its feet. In today’s fifth Running of the Bulls of Sanfermines 2016, two of the fighting bulls, a black one and a brown-colored one, both suffered slip-ups and fell to the ground on their sides. Were it not for the help of some of the runners, who raised the bulls onto their feet again, the two bulls would have taken a lot longer to get up and run on to the end of the course inside the bull ring.

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Tres corredores delante de los toros del encierro en el tramo de Telefónica.

The mystery of the triplet bulls

“The Running of the Bulls is just like Russian roulette – you never know what you are going to get” acknowledges Iñaki Vergara, one of the few photographers who gets the permit pass that allows him, as they say, the right to “perch” on the wooden fencing.

Last year it was precisely pure chance that gave him one of his all-time favorite snapshots and one that won him the VI Running of the Bulls Photography Competition for qualified professionals –awarded by Pamplona City Hall. This photo captures three bulls from the Fuente Ymbro bull-ranch, lined together like three athletes as they run after three runners who are also equally caught in a direct straight line.

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Resumen encierros 2016

Runnings 2016: the Cebada bulls are back

The Cebada Gago Bulls will be on show in the Pamplona streets once again this year. Their sharp horns tend to ensure increased danger in the morning Running of the Bulls. Meanwhile we can but wait to see how the novel Pedraza de Yeltes bull-ranch will behave when they make their debut in 2016. The following information should be helpful to any runners thinking of taking part in this year’s Running of the Bulls event and hopefully ensure that no perilous punctures are caused to the body.

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Resumen encierros 2016

The feared horns of Cebada have become

The Cebada Gago Bulls will be on show in the Pamplona streets once again this year. Their sharp horns tend to ensure increased danger in the morning Running of the Bulls. Meanwhile we can but wait to see how the novel Pedraza de Yeltes bull-ranch will behave when they make their debut in 2016. The following information should be helpful to any runners thinking of taking part in this year’s Running of the Bulls event and hopefully ensure that no perilous punctures are caused to the body.

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