There is also running of the bulls for childrens

Today, the third consecutive kiddies running of the bulls took place with the Kukuxumusu blue bulls. Mister Testis and his bullmates left the “pens” located at the store in Mercaderes Street and and they covered the course along with the kiddies and their parents to up as far as the Kukuxumusu store in Estafeta Street.

There were no mishaps nor any gorings, but the kiddies had a great time of it and they really enjoyed emulating the adults.

Reportaje fotográfico: Anna Neluvoba / Javier Martínez

Kukuxumusu diseña para Line stickers gratuitos con temática sanferminera

Kukuxumusu has become the third Brand after Coca Cola and the El  Hormiguero TV program, on the nationwide Antena 3 Channel, in having an official account at Line España, the latest messenger service that is in competition with Whatsapp and which already has 10 million users in Spain.

As from today, The Kukuxumusu official account at Line contains some novelties, promotions and drawings, as well as 16 free stickers which are now available to all followers of this account. In addition, within a few days it will be possible to download a pack of 40 stickers which will be sold at a price of 1,79 euros in iOS and 100 coins on Google Play.

The stickers which have been created by  Kukuxumusu feature Tetis & Testis, the bull and the cow who both enjoy laughing at everything. Elehand, the funny elephant with the smart hand is also featured along with Icel, the only cube of ice that never melts.


Chupinazo de Sanfermin con Kukuxumusu y Mister Testis en México DF

El sábado 25 se celebrará en México DF un Chupinazo singular que permitirá evocar la fiesta de Sanfermin. En la finca La Tapaíta desde la una de la tarde (horario mexicano) se unirán cuatro elementos esenciales que garantizan una fiesta como la de Sanfermin: gente con ganas de pasarlo bien, música con el grupo Liquits, Mister Testis y mucha juerga. Esta fiesta se suma al Chupinazo que otros años se había celebrado en México DF y servirá para pasarlo bien en el primero de los actos del acuerdo de colaboración entre Televisa y Kukuxumusu.

El Chupinazo contará con la participación de Mister Testis que ha aprovechado su letargo veraniego para reactivarse y viajar a México. La juerga está garantizada gracias a la colaboración del Bar la Borboleta, la finca Lienzo Charro-La Tapaíta, la actuación del grupo Liquits y Kukuxumusu. Próximamente os contaremos cómo fue este Chupinazo mexicano.


Paellada popular y un ninot quemado en pleno Sanfermin

The Kukuxumusu Drawing Factory toasted a homage to the Fallas from Valencia in this fourth edition of the Jai Day, in a celebration held today right in the heart of the Sanfermin fiestas. Over a three-hour event, the public were handed out some 600 servings of paella cooked by the Valencia chef, Rafael Vidal and to close the celebrations, a four-meter-high ninot made by Vicente Tornador, a professional from Valencia, was burnt.

The event opened around seven o’clock in the afternoon with an official opening made by Koldo Aiestaran, a founder-member of Kukuxumusu, who justified the decision to homage the Fallas for this fourth edition of Jai Day because “they represent another universal form of enjoying fiestas and of expressing the culture of a people”. Aiestaran highlighted the Fallas for “the humor of the ninots and social criticism expressed in popular humor”.

Immediately afterwards, the chef and paella expert, Rafael Vidal, , well-known for being an advocate of a standardized recipe for the Valencia paella, began to make two giant-sized paellas which were later handed round to the public in attendance in the Baluarte Sq. in Pamplona. Meanwhile, the experienced carpenter from Valencia, Vicente Tornador, began to construct a four-meter-high ninot which represented a runner and the popular blue bull, Mr. Testis. This was designed by Kukuxumusu and built by the Valencia carpenter at his workship in Burriana.

All the while, the event was enlivened by the brass band, from the Valencia regional house in Navarra the Banda Sinfónica de la Casa Regional de Valencia played some popular Valencia fiestas music for the public. Among those present was the president of the Casa Valenciana in Navarra, Salvador Tarazona, and the conductor of the brass band, Adriá Sánchez and the queen of the 2012 Fallas, Eva Ruiz.

The fiesta event, at which the Amstel brewery served free beer to the public, finally came to a close with a loud cascade of fireworks and with the burning of the ninot. A loud round of applause from the
public brought the event to an end.

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Photos from the 8th of July

A Kukuxumusu Running of the Bulls at FITUR Fair

The blue bull from The Drawing Factory will feature along with another of his bovine “brothers” at several running of the bulls which will be held around the Navarra stand at the FITUR Tourism Fair as they imitate the famous Pamplona Running of the Bulls so as to promote this event as a tourist attraction within Navarra. This annual Tourism Fair is the most important fair of the year within the Tourism industry.

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Running the Bulls with Mister Testis in Fitur

According to a statement from the Government of Navarra, on the 19th of January at 11.30 at the Navarra Stand in the Fitur Fair, a simulation of the Pamplona Bullrunning will take place. Mister Testis will be responsible for tossing some fluffy gorings to anyone who wishes to sign up for the running. Today there was a press conference held by the Navarra Government Department of Tourism and the councilor for the department, Juan Luis Sánchez de Muniáin outlined the details for the forthcoming fair along with his Managing Director of Tourism, Carlos Erce. Mr. Sanchez de Muniáin stated that the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls is one of the three key elements of the Government’s participation at the Fitur Annual Tourism Fair; “The best-known reference for Navarra outside its borders is the Sanfermin fiestas and this event will always be the tourist banner for Navarra abroad”, he stated.

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