Three runners who received a goring continue in hospital

The Runnings of the Bulls are over for another year, but three runners still remain in The Navarra Hospital Complex. Two of them received a goring in the bullrunning of the 11th of July and one other runner who was gored on the 13th. All of these patients are making favorable progress.

The young American runner who received a goring to his right buttock at the Santo Domingo stretch was discharged on Saturday 18th. The runner from Valencia, who suffered a goring to his right thigh and the Catalonian runner who suffered a goring to his left thigh, both at the Telefonica stretch, are kept in the Traumatology Unit of the NHC. All these runners were admitted on the 11th of July.  The runner from The Rioja region who was gored to his right thigh on the 13th at the Mercaderes stretch also continues in hospital.

See de medical report here.