Fotos de las cornadas en todos los tramos del segundo encierro de Sanfermin 2016 con Cebada Gago.

Gorings on all the stretches of the course

Photography: Pablo Lasaosa

Rarely have there ever been similar events as those that were produced in today’s second Runnning of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2016. Gorings took place along each stretch of the course, starting at the opening stretch of Santo Domingo and all the way to the bull ring, passing through City Hall square, Mercaderes, Estafeta and the Telefónica stretch.

The first runner to feel the horns of the Cebada Gago bulls was a local man from Pamplona, a regular runner on this first Santo Domingo stretch of the course for many years, who received a goring to his leg. His outlook is considered as serious according to the medical report.

Corredor de Pamplona cogido en el tramo de Santo Domingo en el segundo encierro de Cebada Gago.
Photography: Javier Campos

Further on,  a 23 year-old North–American,  suffered a jab and he was also removed to hospital. His outlook is not considered serious. Just a Little further ahead, almost at the corner of Mercaderes, an Indian runner, N.S.O., aged 26, was tossed by a bull. He received two injuries but neither one is considered as serious, even though the tossing was a dramatic and dangerous one.

Foto: Maite H. Mateo
Photography: Maite H. Mateo


On the Estafeta stretch at the corner of Espoz y Mina, a 73 year-old runner from South Africa suffered the most spectacular goring of the day. He was gored to the stomach by the bull. He was removed to hospital where his condition is considered to be serious. His initials are M.H.O.

Foto: Alexander Walloschke
Photography: Alexander Walloschke

On the final stretch leading down into the bull ring, an American runner was trotting slowly and absent-mindedly down  the right side when he was charged by a  mean Cebada bull. Luckily, for this runners, the bull only jabbed him under the arm, but it could easily have been much worse. His outlook is not considered as serious.

Foto: Javier Martínez de la Puente
Photography: Javier Martínez de la Puente

Just after the bulls were finally led off to the pens inside the bull ring, the bull ring infirmary issued a statement informing of the fact that it had given treatment to a young Canadian runner by the name of Paul Coebil, who suffered a perineal injury and who had been taken off for further treatment at the Navarra Hospital Complex.