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Jason Gilbert is recovering from his wounds in Australia

Australian Jason Gilbert is making a slow but favorable recovery at his home in Adelaide from the gorings he was given by the Miura bull, “Olivito” at the final Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2014. We were able to learn all the latest about his condition thanks to an exclusive interview he had with Samantha Armytage and David Koch on their morning TV show, Sunrise 7 from Yahoo!7 Television Channel in Australia. Gilbert stated that while he was taking part in the bullrunning event, he suddenly heard a very loud noise and then everything happened very fast and all he wanted to do was to get off the course and escape. “When the bull gored me the first time, it was a horrible sensation. Everything happened very fast, in four short seconds. And I feel that I was very lucky not to lose my life”, Jason Gilbert stated. He also said that he felt very grateful for the good attention he received both from the local people as well as from the Australian embassy over the three weeks that he spent in hospital in Pamplona. His mother was also present at the interview and she told the viewers about how she suffered during the whole process and how fortunate she feels she is to have her son at home again. To bring the interview to a close, the program’s pet (The Cash Cow) gave him some warm embraces.

Jason Gilbert lives on his father’s farm and the report from Sunrise 7 pointed out that he now looks on the breeding bull that belongs to the farm in a different light. He made it very clear that he will not push his luck by ever trying to run again in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls. Gilbert showed the viewers the different wounds he received from the five gorings that the bull gave him and, at a quick glance, it is obvious that he has made a good recovery over the past month or more since the gorings took place.

On the video at Sanfermin.com we can appreciate the seriousness of the gorings and how lucky Jason was to escape from a worse fate. You can also see here some spectacular photos taken by Iñaki Vergara, Javier Campos and Juantxo Erce in a sequence of images of the whole incident.