A Farewell ear for Escribano and little else

Manuel Escribano was the only savable part of an uneven, uninspiring afternoon and all the other “uns” that one might imagine. He did some good work with a noble bull that lost its spirit a bit too early, but which at least merited one ear, including his sword work. He went all out with his second bull in search of a shoulder-high exit, but to no avail, as the bull was not up to it.

There is little to say about the other two toreadors. Luis Bolívar made an effort to give his all but his bulls were a real calamity. And Salvador Cortés was simply poor to be quite frank, especially when it came to the kill. A whole range of mishits with his sword to the point of ridicule. That does not go down well in Pamplona.
And then it was time for the farewell and the shutdown. The Peña clubs entered the arena to make their final exit through the main gate. And now it’s time to think about next year.
Not long to go.
Photos: Iosu Pezonaga / Maite H. Mateo