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A historic record of TV share is reached with the bullrunning broadcasts of 2014

The 2014 bullrunnings broadcast by national television, RTVE, turned out to be the second-most watched Running of the Bulls ever recorded, only surpassed by those of 2010, and they set some new historical figures for the small screen. The average figures for the broadcasts from Channel 1 plus Canal 24 horas Channel were 1.741.000 viewers and 73,6% of the share, which works out at 78.000 more people and 2,9 more points than in 2013. The 2014 Runnings of the Bulls were the first ever to be broadcast in high definition and they had some new camera locations such as the zip-line camera above Estafeta set up by the Navarra company, FilmXtreme.

There is still room for growth as far as viewers figures go for The Running of the Bulls because it should be remembered that in 2008, with broadcasts made from two separate channels – RTVE and the CUATRO private channel, each with their own signals, the total viewing figure reached a total of 8, 2 million viewers, a figure which has never been bettered since (2014, 4.651.000 viewers). See article at about viewers with both broadcasts.

Viewer’s figures increased this year for both Channel TVE1 as well as for the Canal 24 horas Channel. According to a statement from RTVE, the public TV reached “in Channel 1an average of 1.592.000 viewers (39.000 more than 2013) and 67,2% (1,2 points more),while for the Canal 24 Horas Channel they reached an average of 150.000 viewers (110.000 in 2013) and a 6,3% of share (1,6 points more), thei rbest historic results.”

The most-viewed Running of the bulls was the one broadcast on Tuesday, 8th of July, with the Dolores Aguirre bull-ranch which had 1.975.000 viewers on both Channel l and the 24 Horas Channel. The top share figures were reached on Sunday, 13th of July, with the Adolfo Martín bull-ranch, with 79% of the total share between channel 1 and the 24 Horas channel.

The figures for Navarra are impressive with an average of 139.000 viewers, 12.000 more than in 2013, and a share percentage of 99, 2%. There were some bullrunnings with a 100% of the viewers watching the event, something which does not happen even with the most popular football games.

In addition, the special daily broadcast, ‘Vive San Fermín’, presented by Elena S. Sánchez and Javier Solano, achieved a daily average of 892, 000 viewers and 54, 8% of the share between Channel 1 and Canal 24 Horas Channel. Up to 7. 821, 000 viewers saw some of the San Fermín broadcasts, including the Chupinazo Opening rocket.

As for the Internet web, 1.143, 000 single users made some kind of contact about Sanfermines content at 27, 7% through the cell phone; 11, 1% through the Tablet; 61, 2% through other applications. The live web reports had 426, 000 single users and the multi-camera – which allowed the user to manipulate the broadcast to his own taste – 212.000.