Kukuxumusu crea la imagen promocional de Sanfermin para RTVE

As from today, the 18th of June, several cartoon figures created by Kukuxumusu, the company behind Sanfermin.com, will be shown on RTVE as this state television channel begins to promote its Sanfermin programming.

The three short cartoon clips created by Kukuxumusu which will be used by the state television will promote the running of the bulls, the Txupinazo and other events which will be covered by the TV channel and which will be broadcast on Channel 1, Channel 2 International Channel and also at www.rtve.es.

In addition, Kukuxumusu has made a special decorative design for the studio from which the Sanfermin events will be broadcast in Pamplona, and which will be used each morning after the running of the bulls.